The Warning Each Zodiac Sign Needs Heading Into August 2019

The Warning Each Zodiac Sign Needs Heading Into August 2019


Don’t assume you know what someone else is thinking. Don’t assume you have their motives figured out. Don’t assume everyone hates you and is judging you when your only evidence is your self-doubt.


Don’t confuse vulnerability with weakness. Don’t apologize for getting teary-eyed when something upsets you. Don’t hide away your emotions out of fear someone will accuse you of being annoying and overdramatic. Don’t stop acting authentic.


Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t decide chasing after your passions is a waste of your time. Don’t let negativity — from the outside and from your own mind — get to you.


Stop waiting until the new year to make a change. Stop putting off your own progress. Stop repeating your routine day after day after day when you’re unhappy with the way things currently are. Stop settling and start taking action.


Stop racing to reach milestones. Stop telling yourself you’re falling behind. Stop thinking there’s a certain age you need to get married and make six digit paychecks. Stop trying to reach the goals society has set for you instead of coming up with your own, unique goals that will actually make you happy.


Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Stop worrying about whether you’re coming across as a good person or a bad one. Put yourself first for a change. If you need to cut someone out of your life, do it. If you need a break from socializing, take one. Do whatever is best for your own mental health.


Don’t hover inside your comfort zone. Don’t come up with excuses to make changes tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Don’t allow your fear to hold you in the same place because you deserve to move forward and grow outward.


Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Stop working yourself to the bone. Stop assuming you’re worthless unless you’re productive. Stop doing so much you’re bound to burn out.


Don’t swear off of relationships completely. Don’t push the right people away. Don’t keep your guard up so high for so long that you forget how to tear it down. Don’t allow your fear of getting hurt cause you to run away from a good thing.


Stop speaking so negatively about yourself. Stop calling yourself unattractive and unsuccessful. Stop assuming you’re going to fail before you even make an attempt. Stop running the worst case scenario through your head without even considering what could go right.


Stop lowering your standards for people who won’t rise to meet your current ones. Stop putting yourself in situations where you’re the one who cares more, the one who does more, the one who hurts more.


Stop assuming everything is about you. Stop assuming the reason your friend isn’t texting back quick enough is because they hate you. Stop assuming the reason your crush hasn’t liked your Instagram photo is because they want nothing to do with you. Stop jumping to conclusions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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