Why Each Zodiac Sign Would Be A Total Bridezilla 

Why Each Zodiac Sign Would Be A Total Bridezilla 


You don’t care about anyone else’s opinions — so you’re not going to be happy when everyone starts giving you advice on how you should run your own wedding.


You get stressed over making the tiniest decisions — and weddings involve a lot of decisions.


You have high expectations — so you aren’t going to settle for anything less than the best.


You want to make everyone happy — and since that’s impossible, you’re going to end up having a meltdown picking bridesmaids and table assignments.


You’re a perfectionist — so you’re going to freak out whenever the tiniest thing goes wrong.


You want everything done exactly your way — so you’re going to get annoyed when people try to improvise and change your plans.


You like being the center of attention — so you won’t be happy when anyone tries to steal your thunder.


You’re too blunt to hold back when you’re annoyed — so you aren’t going to be polite when a wedding vendor screws up what you wanted.


You’re independent — so you would rather do everything on your own, which means your stress levels will be higher than ever.


You’re a planner — so you’re going to get annoyed when people forget to RSPV or change their minds about coming at the last second.


You’ve been daydreaming about your wedding for a long, long time — so you won’t mind going bankrupt in order to make your day as perfect as possible.


You have an obsessive personality — so once you start wedding planning, it’s the only thing you’ll be able to think about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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