Stay Single Until Your Heart Heals

Stay Single Until Your Heart Heals

You don’t need to jump into a new relationship right away. You should give your heart some time to heal. Give yourself some time to adjust from dating a person you thought was your forever to never speaking to them again.

You’re allowed to linger in your heartbreak for a little while. There is no set date when you should be over the last person you loved. It might take you weeks. It might take you months. It might take you a year or longer.

You shouldn’t feel rushed to change your relationship status again. You don’t have to show your person you’re over them by loving someone new. You don’t have to prove to yourself you’ve still got it. You don’t have to stray away from the single life because sometimes the single life is the best option for you.

Stop telling yourself that you’re running out of time to find the love of your life. Stop telling yourself that you’re falling behind the friends who are already settled down with diamond rings and baby bumps. Stop telling yourself that you have to cure your sudden loneliness with a new body.

You’re allowed to stay single until your heart heals — and you’re allowed to enjoy it. Being alone isn’t a bad thing. It can be a beautiful thing. It can give you time to reflect on what you want out of your future. It can give you the space to reorganize your priorities. It can give you the encouragement to start doing what you want, not what a partner wants or a parent wants or what you feel like is expected of you.

You’re in charge of the path you choose. If you happen to stumble across someone who is perfect for you days after your last relationship ends, then feel free to take a risk on love again. But if you’re actively trying to convince yourself someone could be good for you when there aren’t any sparks, staying single is your best bet. You don’t want to force yourself into a relationship because you don’t need a relationship.

Right now, it might be better if you stay single for a while. You can deal with the baggage your ex brought you so you don’t weigh down your next relationship with it. You can get all of the tears out of your system. You can mourn your last relationship so you’re ready to start anew when the timing is right.

Even though you might be tempted to date the first person who catches your eye, you might want to stay single while your heart is healing. You might not want to put too much pressure on the cracks. You might not want to throw yourself into a situation you’re not ready to face.

It hurts to be single after a long time in a relationship, but you have to remember you’re just as beautiful and talented and worthwhile now as you were yesterday. Your value isn’t going to change based on your relationship status or the status of your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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