These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Find Love This July

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You entered summer assuming you were going to stay single forever. You decided that you were going to stop chasing the wrong boys and start focusing on your career, your family, and having a kickass time with your friends. That fuck it attitude is actually going to benefit you. Now that you haven’t actively been looking for love, now that you have decided to be yourself instead of putting on a show and trying too hard, you are going to attract more people. In particular, you are going to attract someone who makes you want to do all of those stupid, cliche rom-com things you used to make fun of with your friends. You are going to hold hands while strolling down the beach. You are going to text all night until your phone dies. You are going to call each other by embarrassingly mushy nicknames. You are going to share dessert and argue over who hangs up first. You are going to find yourself falling in love, even though you thought it would never happen to you.


You are still recovering from your last love, which is why you aren’t expecting to enter a new relationship anytime soon — but love does not care about timing. It can arrive when you least expect it. It can completely ruin your plans. Even though you feel like your heart needs a break, like you should take some time to yourself to heal, you are going to come across someone who makes you wonder whether you should jump back into the dating pool without thinking twice. Someone who treats you completely different than the last person did. Someone who gives you his full attention, makes you his first priority, and actually seems like he deserves your soft heart. At first, you might hesitate to let your guard down for them since you are worried about history repeating itself, but you are going to be tempted to give them a chance, because they are everything you wanted but never received from your last love story. They might actually be a risk worth taking.


You have been searching a lifetime for love. You are sick of being single. Sick of casual relationships and almost relationships. Sick of being led on and then ghosted after getting invested. But you don’t have to worry for much longer, because someone is about to enter your life who is going to make you feel like the wait was worth it. This person is going to put in as much effort as you do instead of letting the relationship become one-sided. This person is going to see your inner (and outer) beauty minutes after meeting you. This person is not going to make you fight for his love or attention. He is going to hand it over willingly. He is going to love you with everything in him and he is going to be excited about creating a future alongside you. Not a temporary one. One that lasts as long as possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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