Modern Dating Is Difficult When You're An Aries

Modern Dating Is Difficult When You’re An Aries

Modern dating is difficult as an Aries because I have no filter. I have trouble hiding my emotions. When I like someone, I make it obvious. I compliment them. I stare at them. I look them in the eyes and am blunt about how I feel. In the modern dating world, this is a mistake. It will chase people away. It will make me come across as overeager, maybe even desperate. Everyone expects me to play coy. To send mixed signals and play hard to get — but that is not my style. I cannot act mysterious. I cannot put on a poker face and act like someone means nothing to me when they are all I think about at night. I wear my heart on my sleeve, even if that means damaging it.

Modern dating is difficult as an Aries because of my adventurous side. The idea of stopping by someone’s place to watch a movie on their couch bores me. I am not interested in living room make-out sessions. I would rather take a miniature road trip to the beach or challenge each other at the arcade. I would rather have an actual experience with you instead of sitting quietly, staring at a screen, and waiting for you to wrap an arm around me. It seems like everyone wants to choose the easiest path toward sex lately, but I want effort put into dates.

Modern dating is difficult as an Aries because of my passionate side. I am not interested in doing anything halfway. When I care about someone, I want to dive headfirst into the relationship. I want to give them every piece of myself. I do not hold back, even though most people want to take things slow. They do not even want to put a label on the relationship at first. They want to keep things casual because the idea of committing to someone is too serious for them. They settle for summer flings and almost relationships when I want the real deal.

Modern dating is difficult as an Aries because I am a fighter. I don’t give up easily. When I care about someone, I will put in the necessary effort to find solutions. However, nowadays it seems like most people want to give up early on, at the first sign of trouble, which I find ridiculous. I am not going to walk away from someone I care about without a good reason.

Modern dating is difficult as an Aries because I listen to my gut. I follow my heart. If I have chemistry with someone, then I take a chance on them, which most people are scared of doing. They want to wait. They want to procrastinate in case someone better comes along, but that is not the way I operate. If I have strong feelings for you, then I am going to take a risk with you. I am going to see where our relationship goes, even if that means I’m opening myself up to the chance of heartbreak. Aries are brave like that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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