26 Ways To Feel More Attractive If You Consider Yourself ‘Ugly’

You are not as unattractive as you feel when you look in the mirror. However, if you are struggling to gain confidence in yourself, follow these tips from Ask Reddit.

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1. Stand up straighter

“Work on their posture: sitting, standing, walking. Keep those shoulders back and down, stop hunching over.” — PoniardBlade

2. Buy clothes that fit well

“Get clothes that fit well. Accessorize. Nothing obnoxious, but a nice pair of glasses/sunglasses, necklace, earrings, etc can draw focus.” — CarterLawler

3. Pay attention to your hygiene

“Hygiene and clothing are important. Keeping clean I feel should be obvious, but shower regularly and select products that make you look clean – try to avoid products that make your hair appear greasy, don’t wear clothes in public that are stained/torn, etc.” — sexrockandroll

4. Whiten your teeth

“If you can afford it, get your teeth straightened. I got braces when I was 22 and wore them for 2 years. Yes it SUCKED, but the difference it made in my confidence and appearance has carried me really far personally and professionally ever since.

Whitening your teeth can help too, and it’s much easier/cheaper—just get some white strips from the drugstore.” — pimsicalweecock

5. Be careful about what you eat

Clean up your diet, exercise regularly and keep yourself in good shape, you’ll not only look better but feel better too.” — Rossage99

6. Wear perfume or cologne

“Some obvious ones out there: Be really likeable and funny. Smell nice. Wear clothes that are well fitted and not sloppy. Compliment people.” — haydini

7. Smile more

“Smile, be pleasant, and especially, be confident in your interactions with others. Someone nice is much easier on the eyes than a surly beauty that snarls and is a miserable person to be around. No question.” — jbeech-

8. Moisturize and exfoliate

“The way you dress and your personality has a huge effect on your level of attractiveness. It’s not all about the face but stuff like exfoliating regularly, moisturizing and smelling nice can all help too.” — kushqueen17

9. Find better shampoo and body wash

“Find some good shampoos, soap and body wash. Smelling sweaty is not attractive. You want her or him smelling you and it be inviting. They have plenty of time to smell your sweat in the bed.” — doctorbooshka

10. Maintain your eyebrows

“Basic grooming i.e fresh haircut, beard maintenance or a fresh shave, eyebrow and nose hair maintenance, nails, stuff like that shows you actually care.” — Subatomic7

11. Emphasize your strong points

“Emphasize your strong points. (If you [don’t like your face but have] a great body, show it off. A little bit of cleavage? Maybe a form fitting outfit? If you’re an ugly guy, you can do the ol’ sleeve roll. It makes your biceps or forearms look bigger depending on the sleeve type rolled.)” — PLEASEHIREZ

12. Keep your nails trimmed

“Cut your toenails! And neaten up your finger nails.” — scaffelpike

13. Wear the ‘right’ makeup

“I was always into makeup, but I don’t know why I had this notion that I was the palest shade available when it was SO not the case. I remember going to the Mac counter and getting matched properly. YouTube tutorials also helped me improve.” — Sendsomechips

14. Buy better shoes

“Shoes are in a separate section apart from clothing because they stand on their own. It might not be apparent but shoes are one of the first things that people notice when they meet someone. So make sure those shoes stay clean and are well fitting, and are in good shape. When you take those shoes off make sure your feet don’t stink. How to you get rid of foot stank? HYGIENE. Clean between those toes! Wear socks inside shoes always! Make sure your feet get proper ventilation and avoid wearing closed toed shoes for long periods of time.” — disenchanted_youth

15. Get a haircut that flatters your face

“Basic makeover – purge everything that isn’t flattering. Wear your hair in a style that flatters your face including eyebrows. When you do have to acquire clothing make sure it is a flattering cut and color.” — lavasca

16. Put effort into your appearance

“If you haven’t gotten it yet, the biggest most important thing is: apply effort. Do a little bit more than you normally do. When you do more, you feel better, which makes being confident easier. Other people inherently notice your effort, which gives them a good initial impression. It’s a win-win. It’s common sense. Just be excellent, to yourself and to others.” — blessedhellfire

17. Stop smoking

“Don’t smoke or chew.” — send_me_newds

18. Practice self-confidence

“Stand up straight. There’s small exercises you can do to help fix the hunch in your neck. This will make you look confident and that’s a big part of looking good. Also, get some clothes tailored. Either by yourself or a professional. But have a few pieces that really fit well.

Also, practice self confidence with yourself. Look in a mirror and find what angles of your face you like or think are the best. Focus on what you do have and realize there’s not enough worth in angsting about what you don’t. You can turn your ‘ugly’ features into cute and quirky things about yourself. But you’ll have to find the patience and self-love first so you can sit there and dedicate time to figuring it out.” — designhush

19. Be kind

“Be Kind: be nice to the people around you, if you are an asshole it won’t matter how you look, people won’t want to be with you. (Note, be nice but not TOO nice, stand your ground on important things and if you need to be mean or angry then do so, basically don’t be a push over).” — LiquidInferno25

20. Work on your body language

“Believe in yourself and work on your self-esteem. Your body language changes how people perceive you a ton. Work on having a good posture and exuding to others that you have confidence. Of course, this may take some inner/self esteem work. Self help books have helped me a lot in this area. If you believe in yourself and respect yourself others will follow.” — rarablabla12

21. Floss your teeth

“Hygiene. Good hygiene can go a lonnnggg way. I’m always surprised at how awful some people are with their personal hygiene. Taking daily showers, keeping clean and trimmed nails, washing behind your ears, and brushing/flossing your teeth isn’t THAT hard.” — alnumero

22. Stay hydrated

“Drink more water.” — FruitBeef

23. Act more easygoing

“Be easygoing. An uptight attractive person may be forgiven by people who value beauty above all else. But being relaxed, confident, playful, mildly self-deprecating, etc., you’ll do better whether you’re attractive or not. I’ll be more relaxed around you and more likely to have fun.” — ibeatitonhard

24. Show your passion

“Passion for something in their life. A hobby, a job, anything really.” — AshleyEForeman

25. Act confident

“Be confident, it’s kind of a catch 22 but there’s nothing more attractive than confidence.” — Deadeye1122

26. Work on your insides first

“Deal with your emotional baggage. Want to be more attractive? Have good emotional health and be able to openly discuss your feelings with others.” — arkofjoy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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