30 Body Language Secrets That Will Tell You If He Wants To Get With You Or Get The Hell Away From You

Twenty20, vedrana2701
Twenty20, vedrana2701

1. Take a look at his torso. It doesn’t matter if his legs and his head are facing towards you, because if his torso is positioned toward the door, it means he’s thinking about leaving.

2. The second you two make eye contact, watch his eyebrows. He’ll unconsciously lift them if he’s interested in talking to you. This is called an “eyebrow flash” and it happens in a split second, so you have to stay alert.

3. Look closely at his pupils, too. If they grow bigger when he looks at you, it means that he likes what he sees.

4. Likewise, if his pupils get smaller when he looks at you, it means he isn’t interested. It won’t be long until he gets up and walks away.

5. If he touches your hair, he likes you. A friend isn’t going to brush a fallen strand behind your ear.

6. If he makes eye contact with you from across the room, looks away for a few seconds, and then looks back at you, it means he’s interested. This is one of the most basic flirting moves out there.

7. If he keeps flicking his eyes down to your lips mid-conversation, then he’s thinking about kissing you.

8. If he licks his lips or brushes his fingers against them an incessant amount, then it’s another sign he’s thinking about kissing you.

9. You know how your hands will fly to your hair when you notice someone attractive? Men do that, too. So if he starts fixing his hair the second he sees you, he thinks you’re sexy.

10. If he’s fidgeting with his sleeves or his jewelry, he’s nervous. That’s either because he likes you or because you intimidate the hell out of him–or both.

11. If he sits so close to you that your legs are touching when there’s a whole other couch for him to use, then he likes you. He wants to stay close, so it’s easier for him to make a move.

12. If he gives you a hug hello or goodbye that lingers for just a little too long, then he likes you.

13. And if your eye contact with him lasts a little bit longer than it does with everybody else you know, he likes you.

14. If you catch him checking you out, then he thinks you look sexy in your outfit. If he’s biting his lip while doing it, then he’s imagining what you look like out of that outfit.

15. If he tilts his head slightly while you’re talking, then it means he’s fully immersed in whatever you’re saying, which could definitely mean he’s interested.

16. You can usually tell by his smile alone if he’s being friendly or flirty. If you can’t figure it out, then watch how he smiles at the other girls around him. If the smile he gives you looks different, it means you’re special.

17. If he keeps smoothing down his jeans or placing his fingers in his belt loops, then he might be trying to draw your attention down to his junk. Obviously, that means he’s thinking about banging you.

18. It’ll be hard to tell whether he’s blinking more rapidly than usual, but men tend to blink more when they see something that they like, so you should try to keep an eye out for this subtle change.

19. He might take out his phone so he has something to do when he’s nervous, but most likely, he’s gotten bored of you. If he was interested in what you had to say, he wouldn’t even think of checking his text messages.

20. If you’re sitting across the table from each other, and he’s leaning forward to get as close to you as possible, he finds you fascinating.

21. Have you ever heard of mirroring? It’s when he’ll scratch his head when you scratch your head and lick his lips when you lick your lips. It’s a definite sign that he’s interested.

22. Men want to look manly, especially when they’re around the woman that they like. So if he puffs out his chest or stretches so you can see his muscles, then he’s showing off for you.

23. Unless you’re in a freezing cold room and he’s trying to keep warm, seeing him cross his arms is a bad sign. It means he isn’t at his happiest.

24. People are assholes. So if you make eye contact with him from across the room and he actually manages a genuine smile, then he’s probably interested in you.

25. Pay attention to the types of touches he gives you. High fives and fist bumps don’t mean much, but if he’s always placing his hand on your waist as you walk, he definitely has a thing for you.

26. If he does something super flirty, like hold your hand or play footsie with you beneath the table, don’t second guess yourself. He likes you!

27. When a man is completely comfortable with you, he’ll sit with his legs spread wide, so keep an eye out for that.

28. If he touches his face when talking to you and goes a little too long without blinking, it could mean that he’s lying through his teeth. Then it doesn’t matter if you likes you, because you certainly can’t trust him.

29. If you catch him glancing at your cleavage while you speak, he might not like your personality, but he definitely likes your hot body.

30. Just take a glance down at his jeans. If you see a bulge, then it’s pretty obvious how he feels about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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