She Only Gets Annoyed With You Because She Cares About You

A girl who is annoyed
Unsplash / Carol Oliver

Sometimes she hates how much she likes you because you make her so damn angry. Sure, there are good days, but it’s never long until she ends up complaining to her friends about you, getting into stupid arguments with you, or crying her eyes out over you.

When you aren’t making her smile, you’re making her crazy. She isn’t asking for much but you still find a way to mess things up. You try to get away with doing the smallest amount possible.

She doesn’t mean to come across as overemotional, but she can’t help herself. She wishes you would see why she gets so upset with you.

Whenever she makes an offhand comment about how long it took you to text her back or gets pissed off at you for canceling plans at the last second, it means she cares.

If she didn’t like you, then it wouldn’t make a difference if you went MIA. She would be relieved that she didn’t have to make conversation with you.

The only reason she gets annoyed with you is because she cares about you. She wants to spend time with you. She wants to get to know you better. She wants to create something real with you.

That’s why it’s so frustrating when you fail to put in the same amount of effort she is willing to offer.

When she gets pissed off about you liking another girl’s picture or ignoring her messages, she isn’t trying to be a bitch. She isn’t trying to act clingy or make you feel like you are under surveillance. She is only trying to get you to treat her the way she deserves.

If you keep treating her like a second choice, then she knows she is going to have to give you up and that’s the last thing she wants. She wants you to prove you are worth it so she won’t feel like a moron for sticking with you. She wants you to prove you are the right choice.

She hates that she has to keep reminding you of her worth, and even though it seems like she isn’t going anywhere right now, she isn’t going to stick around forever if you continue the bullshit. She has standards. She knows her own value.

So the next time she gets pissed at you for treating her like a backup plan, instead of fighting back, calling her crazy, and accusing her of overreacting, apologize. Promise to change. And then back up that promise.

She only gets annoyed with you because she cares about you. If she didn’t give a shit, then she would have walked away the first time you took three days to answer her texts. She wouldn’t have kept messaging you. She wouldn’t have given you another chance, followed by another and another.

You’re lucky she has stuck around for this long. Don’t wait for her to come to her senses and walk away. Make a change so she has a reason to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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