If You Stopped Texting Him, You Would Realize He Doesn’t REALLY Care

A girl texting her crush
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He texts you late at night. Snapchats you pictures of him drinking at the bar. Likes your selfies when you’re showing enough cleavage.

You’re pretty sure he likes you — but only because of the way he acts over the phone. Because of how many times he replays your snap stories. Because of how many likes he leaves across your instagram. Because of the flirtatious texts he sends, complete with heart eye emojis.

The only indication he gives you that he is interested happens over the phone. It’s the only way he puts in any effort.

He might tell you he misses you and wants to see you soon, but he never makes actual plans so you can hang out face-to-face at a restaurant or even inside of his apartment. He might stay up until two in the morning texting you, but you have barely said two words to him in person, because you hardly see each other in person.

Texting you is as much effort as he is willing to put into your relationship.

He never plans dates. He never drops by your house unexpectedly. He never even sits close to you or plays with your hair or holds your hand — because your entire relationship exists over text.

Without his phone, he would be a stranger to you. Without his phone, it would be like he doesn’t even exist.

It might seem like he’s putting in effort when he sends the first text or only responds after two minutes have gone by, but putting in effort over the phone isn’t enough. He should be putting in effort in person as well.

Otherwise, he cares, but he doesn’t care enough to make you his girlfriend.

Stop waiting for your relationship to be taken to the next level, because if you have been texting back and forth for a while and nothing has changed, it probably never will.

Think about how long it has been. Think of how long you have been waiting for him to ask you out on an official date. Think of how long you have been hoping he feels the same way.

If he really liked you, then you wouldn’t have to wait this long. He would jump at the chance to ask you out. He wouldn’t be satisfied with texting you from bed. He would want you in bed with him, so you could whisper the words.

If you stopped texting him tomorrow, you would realize he doesn’t care. You would realize that he only talks to you because it is convenient. Because it isn’t hard to pick up the phone and type a few words.

It’s much harder to make plans to see each other in person. To make promises and keep them. To decide that someone is worth the time it takes to drive to their house and pick them up.

If he isn’t willing to get off his butt and see you in person, if the most he is willing to do is send a text, then you deserve different. You deserve more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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