When She Stops Fighting For You, You Have Lost Her Forever

A girl who is fighting for you
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When she stops fighting for you, it’s because she is tired. Tired of having arguments over the same exact thing over and over again. Tired of trying to get you to change when it is clear you are never going to do that. Tired of getting her hopes up and then getting disappointed by you yet again.

When she stops fighting for you, it’s because she finally realized that in a healthy relationship, she wouldn’t have to fight for you. You would hand over your heart willingly. You would put in effort without being asked. You would treat her with kindness without her convincing. You would give her what she needs without complaining.

When she stops fighting for you, it’s because she realized all of her effort was being wasted. You weren’t appreciating it when she went out of her way for you. You weren’t apologizing when you screwed her over for the hundredth time. You weren’t working alongside her to solve your problems. You were sitting on the sidelines, watching her do everything. You expected her to take care of you, but you never returned the favor.

When she stops fighting for you, it’s because she can’t imagine doing anything more for you. She already gave you her entire heart. She already learned how to comfort you when you were upset and calm you down when you were angry. She already overextended herself to make you happy. She isn’t sure what else she can do to make you love her. She has reached a standstill.

When she stops fighting for you, it’s because you never fought for her. She feels like you would let her walk away without saying a word. After all, she is the one who has to initiate conversations, because you won’t do it. She is the one who has to plan dates, because you won’t do that either. She keeps the relationship afloat. She is the only reason it still exists. Without her effort, you would have already drifted out of her world.

When she stops fighting for you, it’s because there is nothing left to fight for. You proved that you are not the person she fell in love with so long ago. You are someone who is okay with treating her like a second choice. Someone who is okay with remaining in a one-sided relationship. Someone who is okay with hurting her. And she does not want to be with someone like that. Not anymore.

When she stops fighting for you, you have lost her forever. Her silence doesn’t mean that she is giving in, that she is letting you get your way. It means that she is done trying. It means that she doesn’t have the energy to argue with you anymore. She doesn’t have the willpower to keep up the charade. She is done. She is already half-gone.

When she stops fighting for you, you better do something to change her mind about you. Otherwise, she is going to walk away forever and she is never going to return. TC mark

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