She Is NOT Clingy, She Just Wants You To Know She Cares

A girl who is not clingy
Unsplash / Savannah Walters

She gets nervous when it takes you too long to respond because she is worried that something horrible happened to you — and the worst thing in the world would be losing you. She wouldn’t be able to handle that. Just the thought makes her sick to her stomach. So when she double texts you to find out why you are so late from work, it isn’t because she doesn’t trust you or because she wants to nag you. It’s because she’s worried you’ve gotten into some kind of horrible accident. She’s worried for your saftey.

She asks you about your plans for the weekend a few days in advance because she wants to make sure that she’ll be able to see you. She knows that waiting until the last second could mean missing out on another date with you and she doesn’t want that. Besides, she has her own life. If you tell her you are busy ahead of time, that means she can ask her other friends to hang out. She doesn’t want to wait until the last second to see if you’re free, because if you’re busy, she doesn’t want her day to go to waste. She has other things she can do.

She asks for details about your day because she actually gives a shit about you. She wants the best for you. She hopes that things are going well for you. She cares about your happiness as much as her own. She isn’t asking questions in order to invade your privacy. She’s asking questions because people like to talk about themselves and she doesn’t want to make the whole conversation about her and how she’s doing. She’s trying to keep the conversation balanced.

She texts you as soon as she wakes up in the morning because she wants you to know you are the first thing that enters her mind. She loves you, so she wants to spend the entire day talking to you. She understands that your world doesn’t revolve around her, she understands that you can’t always answer back within minutes, but she still wants to talk to you as much as possible. She loves hearing your jokes, your stories, your questions. They make her day complete.

She only comes across as clingy because she cares about you more than she cares about most people.

She isn’t going to go hours without texting you or weeks without asking to see you, because she considers you an important part of her world. She wants you around always. She isn’t going to play games with you and act like you matter less to her than you actually do. She doesn’t see the point in lying.

You might be uncomfortable with her openness. You might accuse her of suffocating you, of acting too clingy, too desperate.

But at least she wears her heart on her sleeve. At least she admits what you mean to her. At least she stays authentic. At least she puts in effort instead of expecting you to do all of the work. At least she gives a damn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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