I Am Slowly Learning That I Cannot Find True Happiness While Stuck Inside Of My Comfort Zone

Girl in her comfort zone
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I am slowly learning that I am never going to grow by remaining inside of my comfort zone. I am never going to become the person I am destined to be unless I challenge myself. Unless I push myself into situations that make me feel uneasy. Unless I find the strength within myself to accomplish feats I never thought possible for me.

I am slowly learning that the easiest path is the worst path to take. I should not spend my free time hiding in my bedroom, isolating myself, sleeping off the hours. I should not turn down exciting opportunities due to fear of the unknown. I should not choose saftey and security over the possibility of adventure. I should not prefer to stay in one place, to remain unmoving and unmotivated, when I could be moving toward a brighter tomorrow.

I am slowly learning that everything worthwhile in life requires risk-taking. I am never going to find my forever person unless I lay my heart on the line and risk going out on dates. I am never going to land my dream job unless I put myself out there and risk sending out applications. I am never going to find happiness unless I risk letting myself dream, letting myself reach, letting myself grow upwards and outwards.

I am slowly learning that I cannot continue to make the same excuses that have been holding me back throughout my lifetime. I cannot allow my anxiety to convince me to stay inside when I am yearning to explore. I cannot allow my insecurities convince me that I am never going to be good enough to achieve my wildest dreams. I cannot allow my doubts to thwart my passions for any longer.

I am slowly learning how much power is hidden within the walls of my heart and soul. I have the power to change my universe. The power to haul myself out of bed and leave the house. The power to search for the source of my future happiness. The power to create the kind of life that I have spent decades daydreaming about during lost hours.

I am slowly learning how terrifying it feels to taste new experiences, to say goodbye to the comfort of home. I am slowly learning how much courage it is going to take to accomplish what I am setting out to do. I am slowly learning that, even if I fail, even if it takes me years longer to reach my destination than I have scheduled, I should still be proud of letting myself try, because that is more than most people can say. That is more than most people will ever do.

I am slowly learning that my comfort zone is not meant to be lived in. My comfort zone is meant to be left. It is meant to remind me that there is more to life. There is more to see. There is more to explore. I have finally realized that — and it is finally time to start my newest journey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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