Date Someone With A Soft Heart Who Actually Cares About Your Emotions

Girl with a soft heart
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Don’t date someone who makes you feel like you have to hide what you’re thinking half of the time so that you don’t come across as crazy. Don’t date someone who accuses you of being overly emotional or dramatic whenever you allow yourself to be vulnerable and express the way you have been feeling. Don’t date someone who you are afraid to be your true self around.

Date someone who won’t accept I’m fine as an answer. Someone who is able to tell when something is bothering you and wants to fix the problem instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist. Someone who encourages you to open up your soul, to wear your heart on your sleeve, to cry if you feel like crying. Someone who sticks around to help with your problems instead of abandoning you and letting you deal with them on your own.

Date someone who gets upset whenever they see that you are upset. Someone who cannot rest easy knowing that you had a rough day. Someone who puts in effort to make you happy again because your smile is their favorite sight in the world.

Date someone who is there to calm you down when you are angry. Someone who is there to rub your back when you are upset. Someone who is there to congratulate you when you are excited. Someone who is there for you, no matter what, even when times are tough, even when life is hard.

Don’t date someone who zones out whenever you take too long to tell a story. Don’t date someone who would rather stare at the television screen or down at their phone than pay full attention to what you are saying. Don’t date someone who makes you feel like you should shut up, like you are being annoying, like you have nothing interesting to say. Don’t date someone who quiets your voice.

Date someone who actually cares about your feelings. Someone who wants to hear about how your day at work went or what you’re planning on doing with your best friend for her birthday. Someone who cares about the little things, like what you ate for lunch. Someone who wants to know how you feel about the shirt or cologne or car they just bought because they value your opinion, because your thoughts mean something to them.

Date someone who can handle criticism without flipping out. Someone who will listen to the reasons why you are upset with them instead of arguing with you about how they did nothing wrong. Date someone who will listen to your side of the story. Someone who believes your feelings are valid. Someone who is willing to fix their mistakes so that your relationship grows even stronger.

Date someone with a soft heart. Someone who actually gives a shit about your emotions. Someone who smiles when they see you smile. Someone who gets upset when they see you are upset. Someone who wants to bring you as much happiness as possible, because seeing you experience joy brings them joy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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