Date Someone Who Erases Your Fear Of Commitment

Girl with a fear of commitment
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Date a person who makes the idea of moving in together and getting married seem a little less scary. A person who you are willing to risk everything for, even though you used to run away at the first sign of liking someone. Even though you used to swear that you would never settle down, that you were better off alone, that you didn’t want to put yourself in a position to get hurt again.

Date a person who makes you look forward to things that you never realized you wanted. Wearing a white dress. Slipping a ring onto your finger. Sharing a bed. Sharing a life. Date someone who makes you excited about your future together because you know it’s always going to be an adventure with them. You know that you are headed for something special.

Date a person who you can talk to about your future together without getting scared. Without feeling the urge to run away. Without doubting whether you should stay with this person or whether you should break up. Date a person who you are crazy about, so even when you’re nervous about the future, you are confident you are making the right choice. You are positive you are with the right person.

Date a person who makes you feel more comfortable when it comes to the unknown, because you know you can get through anything as long as you’re together. You could lose your job. You could lose your house. You could lose your mind. And it would all be okay, because your person will be there for you. Your person will help you through it. Your person will make everything feel okay, even when your universe is being ripped apart.

Date a person who you trust to stay loyal. Who you trust to be open and honest with you. Who you trust will put as much effort into the relationship as you do. Date a person who is as enamored with you as you are with them. A person who will do anything for you — because they know you would do the same for them.

Date a person who you can picture walking down the aisle toward. A person you can imagine putting together Ikea furniture with inside of your new home. Date a person you dream about growing old alongside. A person you desperately want in your future, because you cannot stomach the thought of living life without them.

Date a person who makes the idea of spending the rest of your life with a single person a little easier to swallow. A person who makes you understand why so many people are interested in monogamy over one-night stands. A person who makes you see the value in serious, lifelong relationships.

Date a person who takes away your fear of commitment. A person who makes you want to settle down, who makes you want to start a life together, who makes you want to spend forever with one person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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