10 Secrets Girls With Soft Hearts Keep

Girl with a soft heart
Unsplash / Shwa Hall

1. She notices when you lie. She is choosing to give you a second chance. She is choosing to believe you had a reason behind your lie. She is choosing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You might think she is gullible for believing you, but really, she sees exactly what you’re doing.

2. Sometimes, she has better things to do. She is the shoulder you can always lean on. The person you can come to with any problem at any time of night. If you need her, she will be there. But sometimes, she has problems of her own. Sometimes, she doesn’t really want to hear your complaints. But she’s too nice to let you down. She’ll listen, even if she has more important things to get done that day.

3. She wants her affection returned. She is selfless. She is a giver. She is always doing favors for other people without being asked, but secretly, she wishes that those people would spoil her for a change. She wishes she could rest her feet and be pampered for the first time in her life. But no one ever thinks about returning the favor.

4. She has a tough side. She is the nicest girl you will ever meet. The kind of girl you would be proud to take home to the parents. But she is overly protective of her loved ones. If you hurt someone she cares about, her teeth will come out. She will turn into a monster. Someone you do not want to mess with.

5. She isn’t as happy as she looks. She never wants to make anyone uncomfortable, so she hesitates to talk about her problems. She fakes smiles instead. She pretends she’s okay instead. She doesn’t want to bother anyone, so she deals with her issues on her own.

6. She remembers the little things. She doesn’t want to come across as creepy by pointing out the pattern you tap your fingers in or the way you chew on your bottom lip when you’re thinking, but she files all of that information away. If she cares about you, she remembers the silliest things about you. Things you never even realized about yourself.

7. She feels guilty more often than she should. She can’t say no without feeling bad. Without feeling like she let you down somehow. That is why she’ll put extra on her plate when she doesn’t have the time or the energy. That is why she will go miles out of her way to do something nice for people who don’t deserve it.

8. She tries really hard. It might look like being a good person comes naturally to her, but the truth is that she puts in a lot of effort. She has temptations just like anybody else, but she always tries to do the right thing. She tries to take the moral road. And since she’s only human, sometimes she fails.

9. She has dreamt about a future with you. She grew up in the world of modern dating, so she tries to follow the rules. She tries not to wear her heart too loosely on her sleeve — but she gets attached easily. From the first time you met, she imagined what the future could hold for the two of you and she hasn’t stopped daydreaming since. She can’t help herself.

10. She will never stop loving you. It takes a lot to push away a girl with a soft heart — but it can be done. She will leave if she is mistreated. She will leave if she is placed second. And once she is gone, she will never have contact with you again. It will look like she’s forgotten all about you, but really, once you earn a place in her heart, you will stay there forever. She won’t let it show, but a part of her will always love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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