Read This When You Are Worried You Are Too Broken To Ever Be Fixed

Girl who feels broken
Unsplash / Corey Motta

You have had your heart broken by people you believed would never hurt you. You have been abandoned by friends that you trusted to stay by your side until you turned old and grey. You have been disappointed by family members that you used to think were superheroes.

You feel like you are broken, because you have heavy baggage, because people keep letting you down, because you have been through hell and back — and because you have made some mistakes yourself.

You have sent drunken texts you regretted in the morning. You have failed classes that set you back a semester. You have canceled on plans you wish you would have went through with later. You have hurt people who mattered to you even though you have had the same thing happen to you before and know how much it sucks.

You have gone through the worst days of your life, days that you replay in your mind again and again during sleepless nights — but you survived. You are still here. You are still going strong.

After all of the bullshit you have been through, you might have changed into someone that you no longer recognize. You might not be as innocent as you used to be when you were younger. As trusting. As optimistic. As sweet.

Now, you might close off your heart. You might keep to yourself. You might protect yourself by pretending you are emotionless, pretending that you care less than you do. You might want to stay single because you are skeptical of love. Because you assume that deep down all people are liars, cheaters, untrustworthy.

You might feel like you are broken, unlovable, unsuccessful. Like you are going to die alone. Like you are never going to get your dream job or find your dream person. Like you are a complete screw up and are going to stay that way.

But your chaotic past does not mean you will have a chaotic future. It does not mean that you are a lost cause. It does not mean that you are going to stay this depressed forever.

You have all of the tools you need to create success for yourself, so you have to give up this idea that you are never going to get anywhere in life. You have to stop being so pessimistic. You have to stop selling yourself short.

You are not too broken to find love. You are not too broken to enter into a healthy relationship.

You are not too broken to form new friendships and repair old friendships.

You are not too broken to reach your goals. You are not too broken to work your dream job.

You are not too broken to create a life that you are proud of living. You are not too broken to find the happiness that you lost somewhere down the line.

You have gone through more shit than anyone deserves, but you are not as broken as you feel. You are already complete. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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