Date Someone Who Calms You Down When You Feel Like Collapsing

Girl dating someone who calms her down
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Date someone who can handle how fucked up you are. Someone who loves you, even when you make it hard for them. Someone who doesn’t let you push them away, no matter how hard you try.

Date someone who understands that you are broken, but that fixing you isn’t their job. Someone who is there to hold you when you have a meltdown, who does as much as they possibly can, but understands that they can’t change the way that you feel. Someone who never takes your spirals of depression personally, because they understand that they can’t control them, that even you can’t control them.

Date someone who makes life a little easier. Someone who makes you hate yourself a little less. Someone who makes your problems feel a little less life-shattering.

Date someone who calms you down when you feel like collapsing. Someone who keeps you steady when you aren’t sure how much longer you can stand. Someone who helps you back up after you fall to the ground anyway.

Date someone who would never judge you for breaking into tears after a night of drinking. Someone who would never hate you for ending the night early because you couldn’t socialize anymore. Someone who is happy that you’re letting your emotions out after holding everything inside for far too long.

Date someone who has seen you at your worst, at your lowest, at your most unlovable. Someone who has seen you sob on the floor. Someone who has seen you vomit onto the sidewalk. Someone who has seen you scream your lungs out about how unfair this world is.

Date someone who has seen you during those embarrassing moments that you tried to keep from all of your exes. The moments that you always assumed would mark the end of a relationship. The moments that you wish you could wipe from your own memory.

Date someone who never runs away when things get hard, even though you wouldn’t blame them for leaving. Someone who sticks by your side until you feel better again, even though you tell them you’d be okay alone. Someone who would never dream of abandoning you when you’re stuck in a dark place, even though it would be so much easier for them to give up on you.

Date someone who loves you, even though they know you are imperfect. Even though they have seen all of your flaws. Even though they know you can go a little bit crazy sometimes.

Date someone who loves every single piece of you, even the pieces you struggle to accept yourself. Someone who keeps calling you beautiful and intelligent and strong — and actually believes it. Someone who sees you in a better light than you have ever seen yourself.

Date someone who is always there for you, who would never dream of going anywhere, who is willing to fight alongside you through all your storms. Because even though your person can’t save you, they can support you while you work on saving yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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