What Happens To The Girl Who Keeps Getting Stuck In Casual Relationships

Girl in casual relationships
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Girls who somehow keep getting stuck in casual relationships — even though they are itching for something serious — doubt their own worth.

She wonders why boys keep using her for her body when she has so much more to offer. Although it’s nice to feel pretty for one night, that isn’t nearly long enough for her. She wants to form a strong connection that lasts months, years, maybe even decades. If she’s being honest with herself, she is actually searching for a lifelong relationship.

Besides, she wants to be noticed for more than her looks. She wants to be appreciated for who she is as a person, for what is inside of her heart and soul.

She wonders why history keeps repeating itself, no matter what she does. No matter how hard she tries to impress someone or how clear she makes her intentions from the start, they all want the same thing from her, and they don’t care how they get it.

They will lie to her. They will trick her. They will use her for as long as they can.

Some boys have acted like they were genuinly interested in her. They have gotten her into almost relationships, even though they knew she wanted a real relationship. They have made her believe that they were going to stick around — and then they turned around and explained how they’re not ready for a serious relationship, how they would rather keep things casual.

And by then, she feels like it’s too late. She’s already attached. She’s already invested. She doesn’t want to walk away, even though she isn’t getting what she wants, because she likes them that much.

Girls like her, who keep getting stuck in casual relationships, wonder if she should raise her standards. If she’s actually the one to blame for everything that has happened. For accepting this kind of treatment.

Maybe she should be more selective with who she lets into her life. Maybe she should force boys to put a title on their relationship before falling too hard.

She stays up at night, wondering if she’ll ever find something real. If anyone will ever call her their girlfriend. If anyone will ever decide that, yes, she is enough. Yes, she is all that they need.

It’s hard for her to imagine that happening, though. It’s impossible to picture a happy, healthy relationship when all she ever experiences are toxic, short-lived ones.

Even when someone new shows genuine interest in her, she is skeptical. She assumes that this relationship is going to be a repeat of all the ones before. She thinks that this new person is only being nice in order to get into her pants, and as soon as they get what they want, they will leave like everyone else has left.

Girls who keep getting stuck in casual relationships become cynical. They develop trust issues. They question whether they will ever be enough for someone — and they’re terrified the answer is noThought Catalog Logo Mark

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