Forget Your Almost Relationship And Find An Always Relationship

Konstantin Kryukovskiy
Konstantin Kryukovskiy

You almost dated him. Almost loved him. Almost became the woman that would spend the rest of her life with him.

But almost isn’t enough. You deserve more. So much more.

Don’t settle for someone that picks and chooses when to answer his texts. Someone that only hangs out with you when it’s convenient for him. Someone that makes you believe that you have something real and slowly lets the disappointment sink in.

You shouldn’t be your boyfriend’s entire world — but you should be a huge part of it. You should be tangled up in his life and he should be tangled up in yours.

So search for a person that always answers his phone, whether it’s six in the morning or well after midnight. Find a person that always rearranges his time to fit you into his schedule, even if his week is beyond busy and overflowing with deadlines. 

Find a person that always includes you. Always invites you out with his friends. Always wants you around.

A person that always tells you what’s on his mind. Always cooks enough dinner for two. Always tunes into your favorite radio station. Always holds you close when you’re cold.

A person that always makes you feel missed when you’re not around. Always makes you feel beautiful when your insecurities rise up. Always makes you feel valuable. Always makes you feel wanted. Always makes you feel loved.

Because, that’s the thing, you should always feel loved. You shouldn’t only feel loved when you’re having sex. Or when it’s your birthday. Or when your date night was a success. You should feel loved, even when you’re giving each other the silent treatment. Even when it’s a rough day for your relationship.

He shouldn’t save his love for the good days and punish you on the bad. You should always feel his love. Always.

That’s why you should find someone that shifts his world around to make you a permanent part of his life. Because it’s not real love if you’re disposable. Replaceable. If he could pluck you out of his universe and pick another girl to fulfill your role, to take over your duties without realizing that anything has changed.

In his mind, you should be one of a kind. One in a million. The one. The only one.

You should be the one he always turns to. The one he always dreams about. The one he always thinks about. The one he always wants to be with, through better or worse, through rich or poor, through sunshine or shit.

You should be his always. And he should be yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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