If He Does These 12 Unfaithful Things, He Isn’t Your Forever Person

Girl waiting for her forever person
Unsplash / Tanja Heffner

1. He pretends to know less than he does. He gets texts from numbers he swears he has never seen before. And he claims that he’s never even met the girl who just added him on Facebook. He acts clueless in order to get away with his bullshit.

2. He still acts like he’s single. He keeps dating apps on his phone, even though he swears he never uses them anymore. And he goes out to get drunk with his friends every night instead of planning date nights. He is not able to successfully transition from being a bachelor to being someone’s boyfriend.

3. His stories never add up. His work hours are always changing — at least, that’s what he tells you when you ask why sometimes he gets home at 5 and sometimes doesn’t get back until 8. He never tells you exactly what time to expect him home, so that way, you can’t say that he broke a promise.

4. He makes jokes about your other boyfriendCheaters have a habit of accusing their partners of cheating. They might make it seem like a joke by casually referring to your close guy friend as your boyfriend in order to piss you off. To make you feel like you’ve been doing something wrong, even though he’s the only unfaithful one.

5. He shuts you out. When you ask him where he’s going, his answer is out. When you ask him what’s been bothering him, he claims that he is fine. He never really talks to you.

6. His friends act weird around you. When you ask them about whether they had fun with your boyfriend the other night, they seem uncomfortable. Because they have been lying for him. Covering for him. Helping him get away with hurting you.

7. He hits on everyoneIf he is comfortable flirting with the waitress while you’re out to dinner together, imagine what he is comfortable doing behind your back.

8. He acts like you are the crazy one. Whenever you ask him a question about where he was last night or why it took him so long to text back, he acts like you’re being ridiculous. Clingy. Overbearing. He puts blame on you to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions.

9. Your fights get nasty AF. He accuses you of the most fucked up things. Of sleeping with your cousin. Of sticking a needle in your arm. Of snorting cocaine. And he has no evidence to back up those claims. He’s just saying the most hurtful things he can think of in the moment.

10. He compares you to other women. He casually says how he wishes you would dress more like that girl on television. And then mentions how his friend’s girlfriend goes to the gym five times a week. He makes you feel like shit, and it isn’t a total accident.

11. He sleeps apart from you. He will have sex with you, but he doesn’t stick around to cuddle. In fact, he usually sleeps on the couch. Or waits until you’re awake and then goes to sleep himself. You rarely share your bed.

12. He openly cheats on you. Your friends have seen him at dinner with another woman. Your neighbors have mentioned seeing strange cars in the driveway when you aren’t home. Everyone else already knows he’s been cheating on you. And deep down, you know it too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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