15 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Good Guy But Not The Right Guy

Boyfriend and girlfriend
Unsplash / Erik Lucatero

1. You feel like you’re going through the motions with him. You kiss him and sleep with him and tell him you love him, but only because you feel like you’re supposed to do those things.

2. When you kiss, you don’t feel any sparks. And you never really play around or act flirtatious. Sometimes you feel more like good friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

3. All of the pictures you post online look cute, but the memories attached to them aren’t the greatest. Maybe there was a fight. Maybe it was just a dull afternoon. Either way, you look happier in the picture than you actually were that day.

4. Whenever you’re together, you think about all of the other things you could be doing instead. Studying. Exercising. Catching up on certain shows. Getting drunk with your friends. Hanging out with him feels more like an obligation, a chore, than anything else.

5. You have seriously considered breaking up with him — but then you felt like an asshole because he’s so nice and technically hasn’t done anything to warrant a breakup. Technically he’s a great guy.

6. You feel uncomfortable when he tells you how much he likes you or does something special for you, because he obviously likes you much more than you like him, and you feel like you don’t deserve his affection. You feel like you’re tricking him somehow.

7. When you’re apart, you don’t text much. Even in person, you don’t talk much. You usually just end up having sex instead. There’s nothing for you to say. You have nothing in common.

8. You never miss him. You never look forward to seeing him. In fact, you’re more relaxed when you’re apart.

9. You find yourself daydreaming about other people, forming crushes on other people, fantasizing about hooking up with other people. You would never actually flirt with them or cheat on your boyfriend but… You do think about what it would be like to date someone else.

10. You don’t like any of the same things. You’ll go with him to the racetrack and he’ll go with you to the gym, but one of you is unhappy the entire time.

11. Since you’re so different, you always end up having fights over the stupidest things like which way the toilet paper roll should face and how high you should keep the air conditioning. You share more arguments than kisses.

12. He never laughs at the jokes you make. Sometimes, he doesn’t even understand them. You have two totally different senses of humor and it can make things awkward.

13. You care about him and everything, but seeing him happy doesn’t instantly make you happy and seeing him sad doesn’t instantly make you sad. You don’t feel connected to him in that way that couples are supposed to be connected.

14. Your friends are iffy about him. It’s not that they don’t like him. They just don’t think he fits you. And you’re starting to think they might be right.

15. The thought of marrying him terrifies you. You’re pretty happy right now, but spending forever with him doesn’t sound like something you’d ever want to do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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