Our Almost Relationship Tricked Me Into Thinking That You Really Liked Me

Girl in an almost relationship
Unsplash / Drew Graham

You made me think that you liked me. You asked for my phone number and added me on snapchat. You texted me to say that you were thinking of me and that you missed seeing me. You commented on every picture I posted, or at least hit the like button to show me you were paying attention.

You acted like you were going to become my boyfriend. Like you wanted me to be your girlfriend. Like we were going to start a real relationship.

You tricked me into thinking that the connection between us actually meant something. You tricked me into entering an almost relationship even though you knew that I was looking for more than that.

I guess you enjoyed flirting with me and holding hands with me and kissing me, but weren’t interested in anything else.

When I mentioned that I wanted to take things to the next level, when I was brave enough to ask about where we were heading, that’s when you admitted that you weren’t ready for a serious relationship. That’s when you finally decided to turn me down. That’s when you gave me the truth you’d been hiding all along.

You could have let me know earlier. You could have given me a warning the first time that we locked eyes. The first time our sexual tension sparked through the room. The first time you told me how much you loved spending time with me.

But if I knew your intentions from the start, then I would have left right away, and you wanted to string me along for as long as possible. You wanted to keep me close. You wanted to keep getting what you wanted from me without giving me what I needed.

You can’t blame me for being angry now that I know the truth — that you aren’t interested in a relationship with me. You can’t accuse me of overreacting or being overemotional about you leaving me behind, because you acted like you were here to stay. You acted like you wanted to be with me. You made me think that you really liked me.

And now that I know you don’t like me — at least not in the way that I wish you would — I feel like a complete moron. I feel like I misread every situation. Like I misunderstood what you meant when you called me pretty and pulled me close. Like I had read the situation all wrong.

But I have to stop blaming myself for not noticing the red flags, because you hid them so well.

After all, what was I supposed to think when you did all those things, the same kind of things that boyfriends do for their girlfriends? How was I supposed to know how you were really feeling when you acted like I was the only one you wanted?

You put on an act on purpose. You tricked me into assuming you felt the same.

You made me think that you liked me. And now that I know the truth, I’m not sure how much I like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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