Date Someone You Have A Lot Of Sexual Tension With

Date someone who pauses Netflix, because they can’t wait ten more minutes until the end of the movie to rip off your clothes.

Date someone who pulls you close to kiss you like an animal as soon as their friends leave the room to grab a beer.

Date someone who makes your entire body tingle, even when they have their hand innocently placed on your thigh and aren’t trying to make a move on you. Yet.

Date someone you’re willing to have sex with inside of a dingy bar bathroom, because you can’t wait until you get home to put your hands on each other.

Date someone you’re eager to kiss, even when they’ve just finished up at the gym and are covered with sweat, because you find them sexy no matter what they look like or smell like.

Date someone who pulls over the car and bangs you on the hood of it, because they got turned on by your out-of-pitch voice singing along to the radio.

Date someone who grabs your ass, even when you’re wearing baggy sweatpants that barely show off the shape of your booty.

Date someone who can make you horny with super small gestures, like kissing the back of your hand or whispering a joke into your ear.

Date someone who doesn’t give a shit about having sex during period week, because they can’t stand the thought of waiting four or five days to undress you again.

Date someone that you continue to masturbate to on the daily, even after you’ve already had sex with them countless times and should already be bored of their body.

Date someone who doesn’t mind kissing you with morning breath, because they think you look like an absolute angel while you sleep and want to start the day off with sex.

Date someone who turns you on, just by brushing their arm against yours while you’re sitting on the couch or by locking eyes with you from across a crowded room.

Date someone who interrupts you in the middle of your sentences with surprise kisses, because they thought that you looked extra adorable while you were talking about your day.

Date someone who looks at your naked body like it’s a work of art that they’ve never laid eyes on before, even though they’ve seen it every single night for the last few years.

Date someone who hates PDA, but engages in it anyway, because they’d die if they didn’t place their lips against yours sometime soon.

Date someone who can’t watch you get changed without trying to initiate sex or at least complimenting you on how unbelievably sexy your body is.

Date someone who continues to flirt with you long after you’ve become an official couple and should’ve already reached the I’m-so-damn-sick-of-you stage.

Date someone who doesn’t mind if you turn down sex, because they’re happy enough just pressing their body against yours while you cuddle in bed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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