I Get Way Too Excited When You Give Me Attention

Girl looking for attention
Unsplash / Brooke Cagle

My expectations must be low, because I get way too excited when you give me any form of attention.

When you text me back, even if the message only contains one or two words.

When you like one of my pictures on Instagram, even if that’s all it is — just at like, without a comment or a conversation.

When you tell me that I look nice, even if the compliment is more sexual than sweet.

When you send me a selfie on snapchat, even though it’s already on your story and you probably sent the same thing to ten other girls.

When you initiate the conversation for the first time in forever, even though I’m the one who has kickstarted the last ten of them.

When you ask me to come over and hang out with you, even though it’s already late at night and we’re only going to spend time inside of your apartment.

When you tag me on social media, even if a dozen other names are included on the list.

When you send me a flirtatious text, even if it’s clear that you’re only doing it because you are drunk.

When you talk to me face-to-face, even if you are on your phone for the whole time.

When you flirt with me, even if you have ignored me for the last few days before.

When you hold my hand and hug me, even if you act like it doesn’t mean a thing.

When you tell me how much you miss me and love spending time with me, even though you never do much to prove it.

When you give me even the slightest bit of attention, I fall even harder for you.

But I shouldn’t be surprised when you reach out and talk to me, because it shouldn’t be an unexpected thing. It should be a constant.

You should be a consistent part of my life, not someone who takes advantage of my kindness and only pops up when you’re bored or lonely, because you know that I will be there, no matter what.

Because you know that I will gratefully accept any breadcrumbs you give me, even though I have offered you everything that I have.

Because you know that I will always forgive you, even if you never admit that you are sorry. Even if you can’t see how badly you have been hurting me.

Because you know that I am so damn crazy about you that I will always keep the door to my life open for you to step through, even if you treat me like complete shit.

Because you know that I would do anything to be with you, that I would put up with anything if it meant having you by my side, even though everyone keeps telling me you’re a bad idea.

Because you know that I am stupid enough to settle for you, even though there are a million other boys out there who would offer me what I actually deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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