This Is What Settling Really Is And Why It Will Completely Ruin Your Life

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Settling is waking up next to someone, just because you can’t stand falling asleep alone. Settling is texting them about your big news, because you don’t have anyone else to talk to.

Settling is staying with someone that you aren’t crazy about — because you’re comfortable.

It’s being so afraid of the single life, of the possibility that there isn’t anyone else out there that fits you better than this person does, even though you aren’t all that happy with this person.

You can’t play pretend forever. Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re in love with them. Stop acting like they’re the one you’re meant to spend forever with when, deep down, you know they were only meant to be temporary.

You deserve someone that makes you feel explosions when you kiss. Someone that makes you laugh until tears pop from your eyes. Someone that you look at with more and more love each day.

You have to abandon the idea of settling. Don’t even treat it as a possibility. You’re not allowed to settle, you’re not allowed to squander your worth when you have so much to give. 

Remember, there isn’t a set age when you should be married. It’s okay if you’re still living alone. If you’re the only single person in your group of friends. If you’ve never had sex. If you’ve never even had a first kiss.

You’ll be happier alone than in a relationship without sparks.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life wishing your parter was different? That they would do more? Be more?

And do you really want to wonder if there was someone else out there that would have made more sense for you? Someone that you could have created a successful life alongside, one where you were actually happy and not just faking smiles?

You don’t want regrets like that to weigh down your soul. 

Think about it… When you’re single, you might look at happy couples and feel jealousy. But it’s even worse when you’re in a relationship and feel that same jealousy. When you wonder why your relationship isn’t that developed. Why your relationship isn’t that healthy and warm.

Whether you’re single or stuck in a subpar relationship, you’re going to have the same feelings when you see two people madly in love. You’re going to feel like you’re missing out.

That’s why you shouldn’t dare to settle. Never say that your relationship is fine when it’s crumbling. Never call it good enough when you’ve been crying yourself to sleep — or even worse, when you’ve been looking at them and feeling numb.

Stop assuming that some mundane relationship is the best that you can do.

There’s something better out there, someone better out there. But you’ll never find them if you choose to stay with the wrong person.

You’ll never find them if you settle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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