Good Guys Aren’t Afraid To Put In Effort

A good guy
Unsplash / Marvin Meyer

Good guys aren’t afraid of coming on too strong. They will text you back as soon as they get your message instead of keeping you waiting. They will ask you on an official date instead of acting like they’re uninterested. They will tell you how they feel about you instead of leaving you guessing.

Good guys aren’t afraid of showing affection. They will kiss you in front of their friends and say I love you over the phone, even when other people are around to hear. They will never try to hide their feelings for you, because they don’t associate being sweet with being less of a man.

Good guys aren’t afraid of acting mushy. They will make up silly nicknames for you and call you by them in public. They will baby talk with you. They will hold you close and cuddle you.

Good guys aren’t afraid of being labeled as whipped. If their friends are going to the strip club or staying too late at the bar, they will head out and head home. If they get invited to a party they aren’t sure if you’re going to want to attend, they will ask you before they agree to come. They won’t care if they get made fun of for treating you right. They would rather be a good boyfriend than a standard one.

Good guys aren’t afraid of spending extra time on you. They will rearrange their schedules to find extra days to see you. They will spend hours planning the perfect date. They will spend weeks searching for the perfect gift. They will put in the time it takes to make you happy.

Good guys aren’t afraid of milestones. They will be happy to meet your friends and family. They will let you keep your stuff at their place without you having to ask. And when the time is right, they will discuss marriage and moving in together and maybe even baby names.

Good guys aren’t afraid of doing housework. They will clean up their own messes. They will take turns with you doing the dishes. They will help you with your laundry. They will split the chores with you equally.

Good guys aren’t afraid of putting in effort. They will make your favorite home cooked meals. They will make sure you finish first in the bedroom. They will surprise you with little gifts you never expected and the most authentic compliments you have ever heard.

Good guys aren’t afraid of being romantic. They will buy you chocolates and stuffed bears on your anniversary. They will give you back massages and foot rubs. They will watch classic romantic comedies with you and kiss you in between scenes.

Good guys aren’t afraid of loving you with their whole heart. They want you to feel beautiful. They want you to feel special. They want you to feel spoiled. They want to give you everything that they possibly can, because they believe that you deserve the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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