50 Signs You Are The Kind Of Boyfriend That She Truly Deserves

Girl with her boyfriend
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1. You answer her texts as soon as you have the chance instead of keeping her waiting.

2. You respect her feelings, even when she’s upset over something silly.

3. When you disagree with her, you compromise instead of convincing her to go with your way.

4. You have serious conversations with her face-to-face instead of over text.

5. You include her in family parties, holiday parties, and house parties.

6. You allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of her — and to cry in front of her.

7. You treat her friends and family like your own friends and family.

8. You never pressure her to do something she is uncomfortable with.

9. You answer any questions she has instead of trying to dodge certain subjects.

10. You remember important dates — like her birthday and your anniversary.

11. You remember important details — like her favorite song and the color of her eyes.

12. You share everything with her, whether it is your fries or your sweatshirt.

13. You listen whenever she speaks, even if it’s about a television show you have zero interest in yourself.

14. You never refer to her as a bitch or as any other disrespectful names during fights.

15. You talk to her about everything and never keep any secrets from her.

16. You know how to make her laugh.

17. You know how to make her orgasm.

18. You take turns paying for meals and washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

19. You enjoy having your hands on her, even if you know sex is off the table that night.

20. You would never cheat — or even flirt — with another girl.

21. You make a point to tell her you love her every single day.

22. You tell the truth even when it’s hard instead of trying to get away with little white lies.

23. You keep every promise that you make, because you are a man of your word.

24. You encourage her to follow even her craziest dreams.

25. You never make her feel bad about crying or being emotional.

26. You plan out dates that you know she will love.

27. You do little things, like give her massages and let her pick the music when you’re in the car.

28. You apologize (and you mean it) when you screw up.

29. You buy her thoughtful presents that prove you’ve been paying attention.

30. You give her space when she needs it, because you understand you don’t have to be attached 24/7.

31. You call her beautiful, whether she is in a skintight dress or sweatpants.

32. You brag about her on social media, to your aunts at family reunions, and to the boys at work.

33. You treat her like a true equal instead of talking down to her.

34. You stay up late or wake up early to spend more time with her.

35. You understand that she doesn’t owe you sex and never make her feel bad about turning it down.

36. You help take care of her when she is sick.

37. You help take care of her when she is drunk.

38. You aren’t squeamish when she talks about her period.

39. You never make fun of her insecurities, because you only want to build her up.

40. You ask for her opinion before making any life-changing decisions.

41. You know exactly what to say to make her feel better when she is upset.

42. You regularly remind her that you love her personality, and not just her looks.

43. You try your best to understand whatever she is going through.

44. You always engage in foreplay.

45. You make sure that your actions match your words.

46. You mean it when you tell her you want to spend forever together.

47. You don’t give a damn about her pimples or scars, because she always looks beautiful in your eyes.

48. You discuss the future with her, because you can’t imagine not having her in it.

49. Whenever she needs you, you are there for her, no questions asked.

50. You never forget to tell her what she means to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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