This Is Why Intelligent Girls Always Feel Like They Are Behind In Life

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She feels like she’s behind in life, because ever since she was little, everyone told her that she’s capable of achieving whatever she puts her mind to. That she has what it takes to succeed in her career. To make something of herself.

But she hasn’t reached a place that she can be proud of. Not yet.

It’s because she’s a procrastinator. She doesn’t want to apply for her dream job or move out of her parents’ house until she feels like she’s officially ready. Until she feels like she has what it takes.

But the problem is, she never feels like she’s ready. She always feels like she could be doing better. That she could be more prepared, that she could be making more money or could be filled with more knowledge.

She keeps putting important things off, because she’s terrified of failure. And to be honest, she’s not used to failure.

When she was younger, she received good grades. Praise from her parents. Congratulations from her teachers. She was a model student. And now that she’s graduated, now that she’s stuck in the real world, none of that seems to matter anymore.

All the tests she aced don’t matter. All of the nights she spend studying don’t matter. Sometimes, she feels like her degree doesn’t even matter.

She went from being the smartest girl in the room to just being another girl in the room.

It’s a hard transition. One that she wasn’t ready for. So she’s still trying to adjust.

The real world isn’t easy, even for girls that have it all figured out. Even for girls that have big brains and even bigger ambitions.

She feels like she’s behind, because all throughout her life, everyone acted like she was better, smarter. Like she was going to do something that would change the world.

She doesn’t want to let anyone down. She doesn’t want to let herself down.

She puts way too much pressure on herself. Instead of being proud of accomplishments, she compares herself to others. She looks at how far they’ve gotten and how far she still has to go to reach an equal destination.

She never lets herself celebrate her successes. She spends all of her time hating herself for not being good enough, talented enough, dedicated enough.

She doesn’t realize how much she’s accomplished. She doesn’t see how close she is to reaching her goals.

And even when she reaches those goals, she’ll still feel like something is missing, like she still hasn’t done enough, because she’ll set new goals for herself. She’ll always be reaching toward something — but that means she’ll always be growing.

The most intelligent girls feel like they’re behind in life, because they expect the most from life. They want it all. And they deserve it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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