This Is Why The Most Intelligent Girls Overthink Everything

Unsplash / Noah Hinton

She always has a million things on her mind. Even when she should be relaxing, she’s stressing about something. Her mind never shuts off.

That’s why she ends up overthinking everything, no matter how simple it seems to an outsider. What she should wear. What she should eat. Where she should sit. How long she should wait to text back.

She’s intelligent, which means she can come up with dozens of possible scenarios for every situation. And when she thinks about them, she makes herself worry about things that are unlikely to happen. She drives herself insane. She never gets a moment of silence.

She overthinks, because she doesn’t like to be taken by surprise. She likes to know what she’s getting herself into. She’s used to taking control of every situation and doesn’t want to be thrown off guard. She wants to plan for anything that could occur.

Because that’s what she is, a planner. She likes to know where she’s going, who is going to be there, and what events are scheduled to occur. She needs that knowledge so that she can feel like she isn’t walking around blind.

She hates it when she can’t figure out what to do, when she gets lost on a drive or runs into someone she didn’t expect to see. When she feels unprepared, stupid. She always wants to know what’s going on.

That’s why she’s the kind of girl that overanalyzes everything. The words in a text. The way someone looked at her. The tone someone used when they were speaking to her.

She’s perceptive, so she sees everything that a person says and does — and she thinks too far into those actions. That’s why she gets so self-conscious. She can tell when a friend is annoyed by something that she’s said, when someone isn’t texting back because they’re bored of her.

She tries to read the people around her, so that she doesn’t end up overstepping her boundaries. She doesn’t want to do something foolish, like fall for someone that doesn’t feel the same way about her or bother a friend that would rather be left alone.

Most people think of her as being a logical person, which she is, but she’s also one of the most sensitive people around. She has a heart as big as her brain. That’s why she feels so hard, worries so deeply.

She’s proud of how smart she is. She’s happy that she can take care of herself, can do what most people can’t. But sometimes, her mind drives her insane. Sometimes, it makes her life even harder. TC mark

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Image Credit: Unsplash / Noah Hinton

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