33 Subtle (But Toxic) Ways You’ve Been Treating Yourself Poorly

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1. Skipping meals, because you don’t think you “deserve” to eat.

2. Deleting pictures from fun nights out with your friends, because you think you look disgusting in them.

3. Criticizing your looks whenever you pass by a mirror or any other reflective surface.

4. Or avoiding mirrors all together, because you can’t stand the thought of looking at yourself.

5. Deleting the selfie you uploaded, because it didn’t get enough “likes” and you’re second-guessing how good you looked in it.

6. Listening to music you know is going to bring back memories that you shouldn’t be reliving.

7. Disagreeing with your friends whenever they compliment you, because you don’t believe you’re beautiful.

8. Sleeping in all day, because you don’t think that there’s a point in getting up in the morning.

9. Refusing to try on bathing suits, crop tops, or anything else that would show off skin, because you don’t think you’re pretty enough to pull them off.

10. Eating food you know is too hot or touching the hair straightener you know is still on, because you don’t care if you get burnt.

11. Comparing yourself to every woman on TV and every woman that walks by you.

12. Purposely “forgetting” to look both ways before crossing the street, because you wouldn’t mind getting hit by a car.

13. Driving much faster than you should on certain roads, because you don’t think anyone would actually care if you got into an accident and died.

14. Exercising for just a little too long and pushing yourself just a little too far, even though you know you’ve reached a point that is more dangerous than healthy.

15. Refusing to study, because you don’t think that you could pass your tests, even if you spent hours reading the material. So why bother?

16. Getting drunk whenever you go out with your friends, because you think your sober personality is too boring.

17. Sitting in bed at night, reliving all of the shitty memories that you wish you could forget.

18. Sitting in bed at night, thinking about the worst possible thing that could go wrong the next day.

19. Taking a few more pills than your prescription asked you to take or skipping your medication all together.

20. Punching walls or kicking furniture, even though you know it’s going to leave a bruise.

21. Texting your asshole ex, even though you know he’s no good for you.

22. Refusing to respond to your friend’s texts and then complaining when they stop trying to reach out to you.

23. Picking at your cuts, because you kind of like the pain.

24. Staying up five hours later than you should, even though you know it means you’ll be miserable in the morning.

25. Breaking up with your boyfriend before he breaks up with you, because you don’t want to give him the chance to break your heart.

26. Looking for signs he’s cheating on you, even when he’s given you every reason to trust him, because you don’t see how someone could stay loyal to you.

27. Stewing in your own misery instead of asking your friends to hang out, because you think they’d turn down the invitation anyway.

28. Turning off your favorite song when it pops up on your iPod, because you don’t think you’ve earned it.

29. Pushing other people away, even after they make it clear that they’re there for you and want to listen to what you have to say.

30. Eating way too much junk food, because you don’t think you could get healthy, even if you tried.

31. Going after guys who treat you like shit, because you don’t think you deserve a good guy.

32. Provoking fights with your friends and your partner, because you don’t think that you deserve their love and affection.

33. Telling yourself that you’re not pretty enough for a certain guy or smart enough for a certain job, even though you are! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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