Here’s Which Drug You’re Most Likely To Enjoy Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Everyone experiences consciousness a little differently – and when it comes to altering their experience of consciousness, most people have a preferred method of doing so. This week I teamed up with INFJ Melanie Berliet to determine how your Myers-Briggs Personality Types influences which drug you’re most likely to enjoy.


INFJ & INTJ – Psilocybin Mushrooms

Ni users are all about seeing the bigger picture and understanding how everything is universally connected. Mushrooms allow for an introspective high that focuses on the innate truths about the world that Ni dominant types so deeply crave to understand. This perspective-shifting drug allows the user to disconnect from many of their usual cognitive biases and examine the world through a new lens – which is incredibly attractive to the meditative INxJ types.

Mushrooms allow their user to experience a meaningful high without completely losing control, which appeals to the guarded nature of INFJs and INTJs. They may derive additional comfort from the fact that mushrooms are naturally occurring drugs, rather than synthesized chemicals. INxJs are all about keeping it authentic and mushrooms allow them to do just that.

ENFP & ENTP – Speed

Extroverted intuition is somewhat of a high in itself – but a high that lacks focus. Ne dominant types are constantly searching for a way to defy their physical needs and improve their follow-through on their many excitable ideas – and speed (or amphetamine) provides a shortcut to accomplishing both. ENFP and ENTP types are highly at risk of developing an addiction to this intense chemical combination that both strengthens their concentration and increases their energy levels.

Many Ne dominant types are prescribed Adderall (a pharmaceutical drug that contains amphetamine) as a method of concentrating their racing thoughts. Many others self-medicate with speed or its sister drug methamphetamine.


DMT has been described as “The most potent psychedelic (drug) known to man.” This powerful hallucinogenic sends users on a short, solo journey that many describe as spiritual, ethereal and life-changing. For Fi users – who live for the process of extracting the deeper meaning behind unique experiences – DMT may be just the spiritual experience they’ve been searching for.

It has been theorized that DMT occurs naturally in the human brain and is released both during REM sleep and at the end of our lives. Anyone who enjoys trying to decode their dreams is likely to enjoy trying to decode their DMT trip – and Fi users are highly likely to enjoy finding the meaning behind both.


Fe is all about feeling connected to others – and MDMA presents the chemical-based formula for just that. This classic rave drug heightens the user’s sense of joy, connectedness and empathy – three things Fe users already experience in abundance. ESFJs and ENFJs tend to appreciate the social aspect of this drug, which brings everyone out of their shell and allows an already close group of people to feel even closer. It’s basically a quick fix for what the Fe user is constantly striving for – to foster close connections and feel harmonious with those around them.

ESTJ and ENTJ – Cocaine

Extroverted thinking is all about getting shit done as efficiently as possible – and cocaine offers the elitist solution to doing just that. This highly addictive drug serves as the energy booster that allows these highly industrious types to get infinitely more work done in significantly less time. It’s no surprise that a noteworthy amount of Wall Street employees have run into trouble with the drug. It increases efficiency and offers a competitive edge – at least until its highly addictive properties take hold.


Known as one of the most intense drugs on the market, nobody drops LSD unless they’re seriously interested in pushing the natural boundaries of their mind – and Ti users are notorious for wanting to do exactly that. Regardless of whether their introverted thinking is backed up by sensing or intuition, LSD has an allure for many Ti users. ISTPs enjoy the extreme visual and synesthetic effects of the drug, whereas INTPs tend to enjoy its contemplative nature – and both types take advantage of the opportunity to step outside of their regular mode of thinking and adopt a new way of analyzing the world.

ESFP & ESTP – Weed

Extroverted sensors are among the most ‘wired’ of all personality types – they are highly in tune with their external environments, to the point where the constant sensory stimulation can become overwhelming. Many Se users turn to weed as a method of calming their over-active senses and chilling out. It’s the anti-anxiety pill of the black market, and many smokers find the mere act of rolling and smoking a joint to be calming in and of itself. There’s something relaxing about the ritual, and if there’s anything Se users need to learn to do from time to time, it’s relax.

ISFJ & ISTJ – Alcohol

Si users are all about adhering to tradition – and alcohol is the most traditional drug of our time. North Americans have been legally consuming booze since the early 30s and don’t seem to have any intention of stopping. Si users are the most likely to appreciate the social rituals that revolve around alcohol – the venues we’ve created for it and the traditions that involve it. That being said, Si users are not prone to over-indulging in any drug – they enjoy maintaining control over their actions and usually find that one or two drinks is enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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