How To Spot Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type On Facebook

We all approach social media a little differently. Though the MBTI doesn’t dictate what we share, like and comment, it certainly does incline us toward particular methods of interaction. Here’s how to spot each Myers-Briggs type on your Facebook newsfeed based on what they’re posting.

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INTJ: Posts their newest life epiphany every 3-5 days and allows very few photos of themselves on their page just in case that Facebook conspiracy they read about is true.

ENTJ: Checks into a lot of networking events and is wearing a suit in every tagged picture they have.

ISTJ: Re-posts a lot of sarcastic Internet pictures that capture their frustration with general mankind without them having to say it outright.

ESTP: Gets tagged in a lot of drunk unicycling photos that gives their relatives anxiety.

ISTP: Invites you to play Candy Crush Saga several times a day despite the fact that you haven’t seen them IRL for years.

ESFJ: Gets married at 22 and posts nothing but wedding pictures for five years until they have a child – then posts nothing but baby pictures.

ESTJ: Profile picture is a professional headshot – just in case potential employers are looking.

ISFJ: Dutifully ‘likes’ any status you post that stays up for ten minutes or more without any interactions because they have your back.

ESFP: Got a job as a party rep straight out of college and now sends you an endless stream of event invites along the lines of, “Killersnake DJ Spinoff at 11th Street Lot – VIP access only, ladies free before 12.”

ISFP: Takes more selfies per day than you’ve ever taken in your life.

INFP: Alternates between posting happy photos of them with their friends and getting into vehement arguments about human rights issues with their conservative uncle.

ENFP: Enthusiastically changes their relationship status/location/career path every 2-3 months and somehow gleans hundreds of likes from it every time.

ENFJ: Posts a lot of statuses along the lines of “Ugh so done with this,” in hopes you’ll ask them what they’re so done with.

ENTP: Argues with the INFP’s humanitarian posts, just for the hell of it.

INFJ: Exclusively posts Gandhi quotes.

INTP: Hasn’t posted anything in years – but you suspect that they are always watching. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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