What Your Myers-Briggs Type Does While In Paris


They’ve been living out this vacation for months in their mind, so at first they are flooded with disappointment by reality. After a little while, when they’ve had time to get over their initial disillusionment, they actually have a really good time. Their favorite part of the trip was going to the café where a famous scene from their favorite movie was shot and recreating it in a picture.


Has always loved the idea of France, but never really thought they would ever get to go. Immediately buys a crêpe after getting off the plane, then eats it while sitting in the corner of the café watching/marveling at how French everything is. They probably loved Notre Dame the most, because they almost certainly are enchanted by stained glass.


The airline lost their luggage (mostly because the ESFP didn’t put the luggage tag on), but the ESFP is nonplussed. Instead, they somehow immediately find the hottest underground club to party at. The next day, they spend the day in the sunshine of a café patio with big sunglasses on, hanging out with the new friends they met the night before. Somehow, before they leave in a couple days they’ll have a goodbye party thrown in their honor.


They spend all their time at the D-Day beaches and other historical sites, they might not have even gone into Paris. They packed exactly nothing useful, and so far they’ve subsisted on coffee and whatever food they recognize. The highlight of their trip was finding an old guy in a café and talking with him for hours about the history of the region (they even got a personalized tour from the guy the next day).


The only personality type more stubborn than anyone in Paris. Insists on explaining the differences between each of the many famous art museums. Most likely to sigh irritably when one of their companions points out no one’s eaten in six hours because it deviates from their itinerary. However, they are also most likely to be the first to help anyone in need, from buying meals to fighting with the American embassy over their friend’s lost passport.


Bought four different guidebooks in preparation for the trip, read them all cover-to-cover. By the time they get to Paris they’ve already mastered the subway system so well they could put a local to shame. Hesitant to try escargot, but when pushed, finds that they love it so much they insist on eating it exactly two more times (not more or they fear they might start to enjoy it less).


Probably speaks flawless French, but is still practicing DuoLingo the whole flight because their proficiency level has lost a star on the app. They absolutely over packed, especially after they take two full days to shop at every high-end store in Paris. They probably tried to act blasé about some typical tourist thing like the Eiffel Tower even though they secretly loved it the most.


Before they left they bought a guidebook because someone told them they should. They literally don’t take it out of the wrapping the whole trip. Instead, they take trains all over, to anywhere that strikes their fancy. Along the way they: take a train to another country by mistake, wander museums with names they’ll never remember, and spend a whole afternoon eating Nutella on soft baguette slices and drinking café au lait next to the Seine.


They’ve dreamed of going to Paris their whole life. They know all the things they have to do, the places they want to see, their bucket list is miles long. However, once they get there, they find themselves happy to wander and see whatever catches their eye. Yes, they probably make it to most of the places on their list, but they probably remember the things they didn’t plan even more fondly.


Almost immediately falls in love with Paris. By their second day they are living like a born and bred Parisian. They probably manage to somehow actually have a romantic rendezvous like in a movie, but they are also the least likely to actually see all the major attractions. (This is most evident when they get off the return flight home and remember they never went to see the Eiffel Tower.)


Goes with a big group of friends. Definitely hits up all the big tourist attractions in the first couple days, then splits up into smaller groups to explore the city deeper. Winds up exploring art communities with their artistic friend one day, going to a football game with their sports friend the next; by the time their trip is over they’ve experienced just about every part of the city.


They spent most of their trip sitting on the balcony of their hotel, reading dime store French novels and watching the tourists and locals walking by below. At night they probably went down and sat in the back of a smoky café and listened to the artists and philosophers who wile away their time playing cards, smoking cigarettes and talking about life. Returns home feeling the most enlightened.


Spends most of their trip either trying to locate some kind of hidden catacombs they read about on the internet or telling their companions the best way to rob whatever museum they are currently standing in. Most likely to exchange their currency fourteen different ways directly after getting off the plane (also most likely to do this because they want to marvel at having “millions”).


Somehow found a palace on Airbnb. Spends one night there, then stays at the youth hostel for the rest of their trip. Definitely posts palace pictures on Instagram for the full length of their trip. Their favorite sight was without a doubt Versailles, but they also loved the love locks bridge (even if they won’t admit it).


Gets mad the first time a Parisian refuses to serve them because they don’t speak French well enough. Eventually relaxes when they realize this means they can finally ignore people without consequences as well. Somehow finds every best restaurant (from Michelin to hole-in-the-wall). Probably has a weird opinion on crêpes.


Planned their trip meticulously. If anyone made a list and checked it twice it was the ENFJ. All their careful plans are upended however when they and their friends arrive in Paris and their friends all want to do different things. However, in the end the ENFJ manages to put together a ramshackle plan that makes everyone happy, without sacrificing their much anticipated visit to Boulevard Saint-Germain.

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