This How You Can Tell Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly Broken

This How You Can Tell Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly Broken


An Aries is a strong-willed, determined, “I don’t take no for an answer” type of personality. The one thing they don’t know how to do is quit. When an Aries has had all they can handle, they finally give up. They’re so worn down from whatever is weighing on them so heavily that the stubborn spirit inside of them just says “enough is enough.”


Tauruses just want to be loved. They seek it everywhere they are. When a Taurus is broken, you can almost hear the crack of their heart. They are soft-spirited and gentle, and a broken spirit leaves them helpless. They become very apologetic when they’re worn, even over things that they have no control over. “I’m sorry for everything” is a phrase commonly heard.


Geminis aren’t a quiet sign. When they’re bubbly and happy, they tell you about it. They rely on words as a way to relate to people, so when they’re silent, something is wrong. It’s not that they can’t relate anymore, they just don’t want to. This is a sign of a Gemini’s broken heart.


Cancers are one of the most soft-spoken and kind-hearted signs. They wouldn’t know how to break someone’s heart if they tried, but sadness brings out the worst in this sign. They take out their anger by bottling it up and projecting it onto others. They lose the sweet charm and become something only seen rarely, only seen when they’re so sad they don’t have the words to tell you.


A Leos broken heart projects itself, not on others, but on themselves. They hate themselves when life is hardest. They blame themselves for the hardness that life projects on them, and they are unable to recover from that. Unlike a Cancer, a Leo projects anger on themselves rather than the people around them.


Virgos are a caring sign. They pour their heart and soul into everything they do and all the people they love. They don’t know how to care about something only minimally; they throw themselves in full stop. So, when a Virgo loses interest in the things they once loved, it’s not hard to see that they’ve lost a piece of themselves along the way. A Virgo needs love the most when they’ve lost this zeal for life.


A Libra is at their best when they are surrounded by people they love. They don’t function well on their own and prefer people around to keep them lively and happy. When a Libra is broken, they will seek time alone. People will only wear them down more, and they will crave nothing more than a little bit of peace and quiet.


Scorpios become highly overwhelmed during states of sadness. They have a difficult time regulating these emotions, so they often hit in uncontrollable waves. They search for any outlet they can to release these emotions, and that often times boils down to a long car ride to release.


Sagittarians are signs that function best when they are busy. They always have something to do and can become irritable when their schedule isn’t full. When a Sagittarius is sad, they lose this energy. They become unable to complete tasks they could once do with their eyes closed, and they don’t care.


Capricorns are the self-starters of all the signs. They are always doing something for someone, and the likelihood of a Capricorn not being busy would be rare. When Capricorns are broken, they lose the motivation to do anything. They are a shell of the busy person they used to be.


Aquarius signs are those that most need to understand everything that’s happening throughout their life. They are scientific and seek understanding. When these signs are broken, they are lost. They don’t understand what’s happening to them, and they seek to fix what’s broken in them.


When a Pisces is broken, they lose their imagination. They are no longer wondering about the magic of their future, they are instead trudging through the day, hoping that they’ll make it yet one more moment. They aren’t excited about all the possibilities that are lying ahead of them. They are just hoping that the cruel heart of the world will spare them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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