We All Have To Start Somewhere

Start now. Start where you are.

Start with fear. Start with your pain. Start with those uncertainties, questions and blur lines. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in right now, what matters is you know you have to start.

Start making progress, start making a change. Start believing, start trusting. Start with the thought that nothing stays the same, that you cannot seek permanence on temporary people, feelings, and attention. Start moving out of your comfort zone, go out of your own shell, and see that there’s more in the universe you’re living, that along the way, you’ll discover things about yourself you thought you’re not capable of. Start with something that will allow you to find yourself once again. Start finding your own happiness, start thinking that you are worth it, that you are deserving of the things you are praying for. Start fighting back, start standing up and get your pieces together, start building what was lost. Start.

Start with your vulnerability. Start with anything that will make you move, that will push you to get away where you are stuck right now. Something that will drag you out of that cage of emptiness, something that will release you from the chains of getting your potentials.

Whatever it is, start and do it. Start with that voice inside your head telling you to try it at least for once. Start getting out of what’s fencing you in. Start with having small victories. Start with small steps, with little by little. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big turnaround. It doesn’t require a great amount of strength. You only have to be brave enough to move your feet. Nothing will ever happen if you will remain where you are.

Life is a series of choices and options. I hope you make the best and right one today.