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All The Ways We Will Never Love Each Other

We won’t love each other in any season because you will never love me like I need to be loved. Because even if you wanted to love me (which you don’t) I would never let you.

There Are Days…

There are days when I want to curl up so deeply in the pockets of your bed that the light forgets I’m there.

11 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Me About Life

In honor of October 1st, also known as the day that Gilmore Girls drops on Netflix, here are some of the most important life lessons I learned from the show that effectively shaped my middle school and high school years.

Wishes For A Modern Marriage

I wish you happiness. In the simplest, purest form. Not all the time, not in bouts that hit you like lightning and leave you like waves receding from the shoreline, but total sum happiness.