5 Uncomfortable Signs Your Life Is About To Change For The Better

1. Nothing feels familiar or comforting anymore.

You’ve likely felt this on a smaller scale once in a while, like when you started at a new school or a new grade. Or maybe when you moved somewhere totally new. But this feeling where absolutely nothing feels familiar or comforting anymore usually means that you have outgrown your life as you know it. It’s extremely uncomfortable, but it is beneficial in the way it allows you to start fresh.

2. Things that once felt magical now feel outdated.

Your favorite movie that you’ve watched over and over again suddenly just feels like background noise. Your old hangout where you ate at with your friends suddenly feels stale. The same night spot you’ve frequented in the past is starting to feel like a chore to go to. You are growing up and letting go of these once amazing things can be really sad. You don’t see it yet, but new magic is on the way. You just have to let go of the old first.

3. You’ve isolated yourself a bit.

It’s extremely hard to stay around the same people who knew the old you once you begin morphing into someone that you don’t necessarily recognize at first. The isolation feels lonely at times, but it’s your own version of a cocoon. The real ones will make it through this period with you, and the ones who fade into the distance will only leave room for the people meant to be around you in this new phase of life.

4. An already achieved ambition has become something that has you feeling stuck.

You feel a general guilt about being ungrateful for scoffing in the face of the things you once worked so hard for. You also feel an uneasiness at the prospect of having to work that hard (maybe even harder) yet again in order to achieve the next big thing. It’s always okay to take a rest, but if you are feeling stuck, you have probably been chilling for too long. The fact that we get to one achievement only to set a new goal can feel daunting, but really it is so much better than the alternative. You aren’t stuck, you only feel like it because it’s time to keep moving.

5. You feel hopeless about your approach on certain things.

Hopelessness can be an underrated tool. Sometimes, it is in the face of giving up altogether that we manage to dig deep and find the solution that has been staring us in the face all along. If you feel hopeless about your approach in solving certain areas of your life, it is most likely because you are ready to explore a different solution. Or better yet, you are ready to put your worries and stress to bed, allowing you to clear the path that was always yours to follow. This can feel uncomfortable when you have been trying to force an outcome for a long time, but it’s not defeat you are experiencing, it’s the redirection you’ve been needing.

I know it’s uncomfortable now, but soon you will be able to look back and it will all make sense. Good things are coming for you soon. For now, just enjoy the ride and learn as much as you can on the way.

Let go or be dragged.

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