9 Little Known Reasons Why Geminis Are The Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

9 Little Known Reasons Why Geminis Are The Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

Twelve of the most prolific serial killers have been Geminis. All told, these twelve individuals took the lives of a combined 159 victims and include such well-known murders as Jeffrey Dahmer and Kenneth Bianchi aka The Hillside Strangler. Their victim count outpaces the deaths caused by any other serial killers born under any other sign.

But what is it about being born under the sign of Gemini that seems to lend itself to the sociopathy and love of cruelty that marks so many serial killers? As we’ll see, Geminis have a number of characteristics that lend themselves to the behavior of serial killers.

1. They’re Less Grounded

As air signs, Geminis are generally not grounded individuals. They tend to be both highly creative and flighty but also not bound to any particular belief system. This can result in fuzzy morals on questions of right and wrong and sometimes a Gemini will do what they want even if the consequences are dire and the outcome is bad for others.

2. They’re Changeable and, duh, Mercurial

A Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, the fastest of the planets and the closest to the sun. As such, Geminis quickly move from thing to thing to avoid boredom. One murder wouldn’t be enough for a Gemini. They’d have to commit another and another in different ways just to keep things interesting.

This hatred of the routine can also make catching a Gemini serial killer difficult as the need to “keep it new” can come before everything else.

3. They’re Attention Seekers

Geminis want attention and if they can’t get recognition for doing something good then they may resort to doing something bad. For a serial killer, there’s a real ego boost in being the one that everyone else is scared of and obsessing over.

4. Many Geminis Have Superiority Complexes

Geminis generally have an unswerving faith in their own cleverness and tend to think they’re the smartest one in the room. From that point of view, it’s easier to see why a Gemini serial killer could believe he or she could never be caught and punished for their crimes.

5. They Have Trouble Forming Deep Relationships

Geminis are known for having a wide variety of both knowledge and contacts but they’re equally well known for not having a deep wealth of knowledge on most topics as well as having lots of relationships that are only surface level. As such, they may develop less empathy, not just for particular people but for all people.

After all, it’s far easier to take a life and engage in some horrifying cruelty if you don’t have an emotional attachment to human beings in general.

6. Geminis Have Little Trouble Leading A Double Life

Because of their rich internal lives and tendency to think of themselves first, Geminis are better able to conceal things about themselves than most other signs. This isn’t simply helpful if you’re a serial killer who doesn’t want to get caught, it’s essential.

7. Geminis Are Highly Adaptable

While changeable, Geminis are able to adapt to new and changing situations quickly. This could very well be why so Gemini serial killers are able to change their plans on the fly in order to commit their murders. If the plan needs to change to fit the situation then Geminis are able to do so.

8. Geminis Can Be Egocentric

Astrologists describe Mercury as being sexless and, in this way, explain why both Geminis and Virgos often feel things less than those born under other signs. This lack of internal feeling can easily get projected onto others and since Geminis already have trouble forming deep relationships what can occur is a deep case of sociopathy.

9. A Tendency to Act Out

It has to be said, Geminis can be total babies if things aren’t going their way. If a Gemini feels they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve or if their life isn’t meaningful enough they can take drastic measures to correct the situation.

In the case of many serial killers, that correction has taken the form of becoming infamous. Thought Catalog Logo Mark