Video: Man Discovers A Bizarre Campsite In The Middle Of The Woods…Surrounded By Pictures Of Missing Persons

From the description: “This is something I stumbled across while hiking in the woods this afternoon. There’s like 25 missing persons posters taped to the trees, along with some ratty old bedding, a shovel, a large tent, and a collapsed handmade wooden cage surrounding a filled-in hole. I tried to get as many of the posters in frame as I could but the video was aborted when I heard voices coming from the direction of the adjacent residence. Recorded on the afternoon of October 3rd 2016 (“Mean Girls Day”) in Suffolk County, NY.”

Additionally, he says these¬†particular woods are along the border of a park. It’s hard to tell just what’s going on but if I happened upon a rundown campsite surrounded by taped up missing persons posters I’d probably record it as I freaked out too.

See Part 2, below. TC mark

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