There’s Nothing Wrong With The Scars On Your Heart

healing heartbreak and scars on your heart
Lena Bell

It’s almost going to be 3 years after we broke up and I still can’t let you go from my heart. I’ve been trying to accept what happened between us and trying to move on for so long, but it seems like my heart can’t keep up with my mind. As much as I know with my mind that I have to forget you, my heart doesn’t want to forget you. All those sad love songs still remind me of you, and it touches the scar a little every time.

People say “Time heals all wounds” but I’m still not able to believe that. I think that if the wound is very deep it won’t heal completely because when you cut your skin deeply, the scar will remain despite the wound heals. The wound of the cut will eventually heal, but the scar doesn’t disappear completely. It’s the same thing when someone you truly love breaks your heart deeply.

The pain might lessen after some time, but it will never go away completely.

There will be times where you totally feel fine, and there will be times where you feel heartbroken again. I try to cover up the scar so I cannot remember the pain underneath, but when the bandage comes off the pain I once felt shows up. The scar reminds me of all the pain I went through, and I feel so fragile again. I feel terrible for still feeling heartbroken because so much time has passed.I have those moments when everything reminds me of you, and I really start to miss who you were and what we had. I know I have to accept the fact that you will never come back in my life again, but that thought still kills me sometimes. No matter how hard I try to stop the emotional roller-coaster, there is really nothing I can do because the heart is in charge of it.

Our heart is always the last one to leave the fight.

There is nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable and sensitive towards the person you loved because that means you are human and what you felt for that person was real.I want to believe that one day it will all be better even I have a deep scar in my heart now and maybe, just maybe it will almost disappear that I won’t remember that I have a scar that caused the unforgettable heartbreak. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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