Selma Blair Opens Up About That Time She Flipped Out On A Plane

Selma Blair's Instagram
Selma Blair’s Instagram

Back in June Selma Blair made headlines when the usually low-key celeb when full bananas on a return flight from Cancun with her 4-year-old son. The actress, 43, was enjoying a drink in first class one minute when witnesses say she began breaking down. She reportedly said:

“He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

She was eventually removed from the plane in a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. Blair hasn’t talked about whether she was referring to her ex, her son’s father Jason Bleick, with whom she was returning from visiting with, or whether the incidents happened at all. It appears that Bleick was with Selma and her son on the plane at the time:

Yesterday Selma was a guest on The Talk where she opened up about the incident, saying she had a “psychotic break.” The interview was summarized by Vulture:

“She begins by calling herself “someone who should never drink,” but acknowledges she did that day, and then took some kind of medication that didn’t belong to her. “Someone gave me a pill that I thought was something that I had taken before, which I don’t take on a regular basis,” she told the hosts. “It was something completely different. A very bad choice and I had a total psychotic black out.” Blair says she is completely okay now, that she does not drink at all anymore, and seems pretty comfortable being candid about the whole situation.”

You can view the whole interview here:

My best wishes to her and her son. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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