Mercury Retrograde Is Here—Are You Going To Let Your Toxic Ex Back In?

Mercury went into retrograde on February 17th and will remain so until March 10th. This means that Mercury will appear to be moving backwards as we view it from the Earth. There will be issues with communication and technology, as always with a Mercury retrograde, as Mercury is in charge of these realms. You might notice that your WIFI is acting up or that text messages are coming in slowly.

Since Mercury appears to be moving backwards, it is almost like a mirror of what is going on down on earth. As the saying goes, “As above, so below.” It’s almost as if time will be moving backwards, and it is a time when exes tend to come back around to haunt us, either physically by trying to talk to us or through our memories and dream state.

This is for purposes of healing and ultimately forward movement. If they do communicate with you, know that the universe is testing you. Are you going to let them back in? Or are you going to cut the cord once and for all? If you cut the cord, are you going to do so in a mature and healthy way? If you do not, then they might keep coming back, because they may not understand why you went silent on them.

Typically the exes who try to come back in are toxic. Perhaps they can sense that you are moving forward with your life and that you have been healing. They will try to come in and feed upon that energy, and you will have to be able to put up a boundary to stop letting them in. Or, perhaps they are coming back with more lessons for you to learn. Trust your gut on this one. It’s never wrong.

If they come in during your dream state, understand that you are going through a healing process in which your memories and emotional attachments related to them are being released bit by bit during this retrograde period.