14 Guys Reveal The Date They’d Like To Be Taken On If A Girl Asked Them Out

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Answers originally posted on Reddit


“Arcade, mini golf, bowling, go karts, beer/wine tasting. Wouldn’t be too fond of a walk in the park tbh.”

— M0nster_Zero


“Rock climbing! Find a local gym and head over, it’s always a great first date.”

— idontlikethepolice


“Wine or beer tasting isn’t too bad. I’m a fan of getting a little buzzed on a first date, since I can be a little bit closed off with a stranger.”

— millenniumpianist


“Laser tag is pretty dope though if both of you are into it. There’s lot of dark corners for kissing, and you can reenact war movies and shit.”

— MrChipKelly


“Take me to the zoo or aquarium. I am totally a geek when it comes to animals. It’s a lot of walking and talking, so we get to know each other. And if the conversation putters out, welp, we’re at the zoo and penguins are hilarious.”

— LEIFey


“There are some interesting articles of adrenaline and bonding (The Effects of Adrenaline on Arousal and Attraction) so an active outing like ziplining, go-carts, or bungee jumping may not be a bad way to go ;)”

— alpinefallout


“I like conversations. Pretty much every first date that I had with a girl was in a cafè. Just sitting down, having tea/latte/water/wtv and talking.

I’m someone who pays a lot of attention to non verbal communication, so it’s better for me if we are sitting down. If we’re walking I feel a bit weird, since we’re not facing each other.

As for 2nd, 3rd date, etc, walking around a park or garden is fine.”

— monsieurpx


“Personally my favorite dates were where we sat at a table (cafe/restaurant) and people watched. We sat at 90 degrees, so not next to each other but not facing each other.

We could talk and make eye contact, or look out at the people walking by. You are close enough that physical contact is easy and not awkward, if things are going that direction.

But my first date with my wife was going skiing, which works because you are doing something active and fun, but you can talk on the chairlift.”

— carbidegriffen


“Active is generally better because you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to and can just engage the activity. If it goes well (talking or not) then you have the option to follow with an ‘I’ve had a great time, want to get something to eat?’ It gives you the option to extend or bail. If she’s had an equally good time, extending will usually signal deeper interest and you’ll likely end up with a second date.

Bowling, mini golf, go karts, and competitive activities work well. So do live events, street festivals, etc, etc.”

— YElluminaty


“I love hiking! Put me out in the woods, on a trail, with an attractive woman wearing clingy clothes, and give us a good lunch in a pack and I’m as happy as I can get!

Though, if you want to hedge your bets, then find a place that you think would make a good date spot (simple restaurant, quick service) AND find a good trail to hike on, and then ask him if he’d like to go on an inactive or active date. If he asks what each one is, then tell him something like ‘you’ll find out’.”

— TheDarkHorse83


“I love a girl who likes to go out and have a good time. If a girl is willing to go bar hopping with me and face tequila shots, we’re going to have a great time.

I’d be way less receptive to traditional dates, like dinner, movies, bowling, or mini golf. Those are still fun, and if she’s the right girl, we’d probably have a great time too. It all just depends on his personality.”

— theblackswanson


“Since you don’t know the guy, a quick first date that both of you can easily end is good. It’s why coffee/drinks are such a popular option. You can control how long it takes to drink your first drink, and at the end of it you can call it night or order another drink. An arcade might fit this kind of structure too.”

— QofCardiacMuscles


Getting drinks.

Sit next to each other, flirty, get a little boozed up, start touching, escalate.

It’s something that you will essentially always enjoy. It’s like, the pepperoni of dates, the vanilla of dates, the bacon cheeseburger of dates.

Don’t fuck with the default, the default is pretty fucking dope.


If a girl took me out on a date, I’d be ecstatic. If a girl took me out to an arcade, I’d serious contemplate marrying her. I freaking love arcades.

— Shadowkyzr Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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