This Guy’s Creepy-Ass Photo Has The Entire Internet Arguing About What The F*ck It Is

The New Year had barely begun when Arizona-based Richard Christianson posted this photo on Facebook, and asked his friends for advice on what the heck it is:


The photo appears to be looking down a street at night, and leering on somebody’s front yard appears to a tall figure with wings.

So, what the hell is it?

This mystery has stirred up quite a bit of fuss on the internet:

Is it an angel, or a demon?

Or is it something else?

Like The Beibs??

Or wait, maybe there is a simpler explanation???

Maybe people on the internet have claimed that the object looks like a single Issa tree — or perhaps two trees blowing in the wind.

Not everyone is convinced though.

What do you think? Can this creepy-ass photo be dismissed as a tree, or is it something else?

Christianson has since deleted the photo, making some believe it was staged. Perhaps he just didn’t want the media attention, though? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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