10 People Who’ve Experienced A Real Miracle Explain Exactly What Happened

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1. Angel Hitchhiker

My father once was traveling along a country highway. It was early morning and he was at the front of a long line of traffic. Along his way he spotted a hitchhiker with a hiking backpack and being the kind person he was, he stopped for them and lost his place at the front of traffic. The guy seemed really friendly, dad chatted with him about his family and work, told the guy how he wanted to have a kid, the guy was super friendly and nice and supportive.

All of a sudden he asked my dad to drop him off. Dad was confused as this was right next to a field in the middle of nowhere. The guy said don’t worry about it and got out which weirded my dad out. My dad turned to leave and noticed the guy left his bag and went to let the guy know but he was gone. Nowhere to be seen. Dad says he searched for him but it made no sense where he went or how he could hide. Upon getting back in the car he looked in the bag to find it to be empty. Also weird. He decided to continue on his way and joined back in traffic. He came to the first set of lights eventually and noticed an accident had happened to the car that was behind him in the line of traffic originally and he realized had he not picked this guy up he would’ve been in that accident. That guy saved him.

2 weeks later his wife was pregnant with me. My dad still has the bag and carries it with him in his car at all times hoping to eventually run into the guy and thank him.

TLDR: dad was saved by weird guardian angel hitchhiker guy. Still has momento from occasion. Doesn’t understand what happened to this day.

2. Beat cancer without chemotherapy

Co-worker was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Said she was just going to juice and hope for the best because she didn’t want chemo. 4 months later she was cancer free.

No idea. Don’t even know where to begin. We had began collecting to help her family with funeral costs.

3. It’s a miracle our child survived

My wife and I tried having a baby for a couple years with no luck. Got to the point of IVF, which is what finally worked. We both were excited that it was actually happening, and made it the point where you can see a heartbeat flicker.

Shortly after she bled to the point where she passed what looked bigger than a clot and was assumed to be the baby. We went to the doctor and they confirmed no more heartbeat, come back in a couple days to check if all passed or if surgical removal was necessary.

Started checking her out and the tech called the doctor in the room, turns out they saw flickering again that they didn’t before. Everything appeared to back in order but threatened that a miscarriage could still happen. Fast forward to 30 weeks, wife’s blood pressure rises and gets diagnosed with preeclampsia. She wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital until the baby was out.

After a week and a half they move her to a different floor because she’s stable. The morning after the move she has a seizure and an emergency c section is needed. Baby was born and taken to the NICU, which she started out strong. The second or 3rd day her lungs were collapsing and needed chest tubes to expand the lungs. 45 days later after learning to eat from a bottle she came home at 5lbs.

Now she’s almost 3 and other than being skinny you couldn’t tell what she went through other than 2 scars and respiratory colds taking a little more effect on her.

4. My grandfather was brain dead, but then he wasn’t.

My grandfather had a heart attack while driving and crashed into a tree. He was without oxygen to his brain for 25 minutes. The hospital did everything they could to revive him, actually trying to revive him for 3+ hours because it was a veterans hospital and he was a decorated green beret.

I was called to this hospital and was told he was brain dead. he was without oxygen for too long. I cried and cried, and all the while my family was around his bedside talking to him. The doctors told them that he might be able to hear them.

They were going to take him off of life support that night but my uncle for San Diego missed his flight and couldn’t come until morning so they decided to wait. Well, good thing.

A few hours later I was next to my grandpa and his hands started twitching. I called the nurse in and she told us that these were just spasms, and that its normal. The twitches kept getting more severe and more frequent.

After a while, the doctors started to get a little concerned and checked his vitals, they seemed shocked. After a while, he opened his eyes. We were all in shock. Complete disbelief. They told us he was brain dead and we were going to take him off of life support. He couldn’t talk for hours, but asked for a pen and notepad to write something. The first thing he wrote was “energizer” and “bunny”. It took him about 2 days before he could speak and now 4 years later, he is a fully functioning 62 year old man.

5. We thought this patient was a goner

Working as a nursing tech/assistant in the ICU. I was getting report form the night shift and she told me about a patient that wasn’t doing well. Patient had emergency c-section and then numerous complications; they couldn’t control the bleeding.

Night tech was running to get blood products all night, and I did a couple times during the day. This women looked like hell. I worked about a week later and was asking about her and she was still in the ICU. Went to her room and she looked like a completely different person. Went from tons of machines hooked up to sitting up in a chair with her baby next to her. Yes, this was all thanks to hard working doctors/nurses/etc but it was still amazing. She needed around 80+ blood products in 24 hours and lived to tell the tale.

6. How did I not hit anything?

I was 18 and driving down the 5 (freeway) towards San Diego. I was on the far right lane going about 65 and there was an old chinese driver who was going about the same speed as be on the lane to my left. There was a bunch of other cars around us going at a steady pace. He didn’t realize that I was right next to him and tried to merge into my lane, I freaked out and I swerved to my right, my car (96 Accord) broke out and I ended up doing two 360’s through 4 lanes and I stopped facing the on coming traffic.

There were absolutely no cars around me when it happened and when I stopped the cars were a really good distance from me, it was as if something pushed all of them back when my car broke out. I didn’t hit anyone and after I stopped I was shocked, took a second to catch my breath and pulled off to the right lane.

Then I bawled like a baby and called my mom.

7. I was never prescribed the drug that saved my life

Had cancer that was slow to respond to even Red Devil chemo. The doctor switched me to Ibrance plus a hormonal drug. I took it for three months and the tumor went from being the size of a very large grapefruit to one too small to be measured. The doctors never saw anything like it.

After 3 months, I needed a refill on the hormonal drug. I called the oncology nurse, named the drug. She said it was never prescribed for me. The MD prescribed something else.

The records indicated the drug I was on was one no one gave me. But it was the combo that tamed the tumor. No one knows where that prescription came from. They were joking that well, there’s a blind study we can’t discuss.

8. I shouldn’t be able to do any of this

I was born 3 months early in the 90’s and survived.(Which is a miracle for the time) With cerebral palsy as the outcome they said I would never walk run or function normally. I learn to do all of that and more. Now I can do almost anything set my mind to. I’m an independent single mother. I have lived alone and raised him along with all the things I shouldn’t be able to do. It is yet another miracle.

9. No reason my dog lived this long

I was “gifted” a pure breed boxer who came with a host of problems. The vet diagnosed her with congenital heart disease and that at six months of age, she was likely to die in a month or so. We spent a lot of time walking through a national forest I lived near and I keep finding rocks that were in the shape of hearts, so I started collecting these heart stones in hope that they may help my dog.

Turns out my dog didn’t die until many years later from cancer. Seems I should have also been looking for tumor stones. But not sure if this is a miracle or the vet made a misdiagnosis.

10. Jesus healed my father

My dad was in a bad car accident around 1994 and had to walk with a cane because of herniated discs. The doctors did back surgery on him and fused part of his spine with titanium rods. He was bed ridden a good amount of the time. I was really little and believed that Jesus would heal him if we would just go to one of those places on TV I saw (Benny Hinn crusades).

My mom heard that a local church was bussing people to one of them and she called and got us seats. We were seated in the nose-bleed section and it came to the part of the night where people started walking on stage and reporting that they were healed. I looked at my dad and said “don’t you want to be healed? You should go down there.” At that time my little sister said the same thing to him (she was around 5 years old).

My dad gave my mom his cane and wobbled out of the row of seats. There were at least 6 flights of stairs to get to the bottom of the arena. My dad took the first step down without his cane and I thought he was going to fall down the stairs. He took the second step and the next thing I remember, we were racing each other down the stairs to the bottom. When we got to the bottom, a lady grabbed my dad by the shoulder and said “God told me to wait for you.”

She took his hand and lead us straight to the side of the stage. One of the ushers started asking him what God had done for him and he quickly told him what had happened. The next thing I knew we were on the stage and my dad was running back and forth with no cane (something I hadn’t seen my dad do for over 6 years at the time). The rest was a blur.

Long story short, my dad has been walking fine ever since, 16+ years. He went back to the doctors afterwards and they couldn’t explain what happened. Even though that happened when I was younger, it’s hard to not have doubts as an adult that some people are phonies when it comes to those types of church programs. At least for my dad (one confirmed case) it was 100% real. Jesus literally healed my dad and there is real life evidence to show for it. Crazy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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