Love Symbols

Symbols Of Love That Will Show Your Forever Person How Much They Mean To You

Looking for symbols of love? Here are some of the most iconic symbols of love.

There are boxes of chocolate in the shape of hearts. There are red roses in florist windows. There are shells scattered along the beach. Symbols of love are all around us!

Use these symbols of love to remind your forever person how much they mean to you because you never want them to question your feelings for a second.


Love Symbols

This symbol originated in the Middle Ages and is still used in modern times. It represents love, romance, affection, and deep emotion.

The Celtic Love Knot

There is no starting point or end point to this symbol, which represents eternity. This design has also been compared to plaits or braids made from interwoven cords.


Deep red roses symbolize romantic love. The color represents passion and desire.


Cupid represents desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. Anyone who is shot by his arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.

The Claddagh

The hands represent friendship. The heart represents love. The crown represents loyalty.


Swans were sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. That is why these animals represent grace, beauty, and love.


It is common for secular artwork to show Venus holding an apple in her palm. Because of this, apples are a symbol of love and sexuality.

The Maple Leaf

Settlers in North American used to place maple leaves at the foot of their beds to encourage sexual pleasure. Those maples leaves represent the sweetness and wonder of love.


Diamonds are strong and unbreakable. They are placed into engagement rings because they represent the longevity of love.


Knights used to ride into battle while wearing ribbons from their lady. Those ribbons represented their love and dedication to her.


Doves mate for life. Because of this, they represent commitment and fidelity.


Shells are hard on the outside and encase a soft pearl. This represents the protective aspect of love.


Love Symbols

Red tulips mean ‘perfect love.’ This is because a prince named Farhad fell in love with a woman named Shirin. After she was killed, he committed suicide and a scarlet tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood.


Harps are used in many love songs because of their beautiful sound. King David once played the harp to the Lord as a way to express his devotion and love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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