There’s A New ‘It’ Trailer Out And It Shows Us More Than Ever Before

Okay, this is actually looking like it will be amazing despite the 1990 version providing some enormous shoes to fill.

Previously we’ve been teased with shots of Pennywise straight on with no real interaction with the kids who make up the majority of the cast and that appears to have been a great decision.

In this latest, full, official trailer we’re shown how the kids are going to interact and it looks very “Stranger Things” in the way that the character interaction is taken seriously and a full emotional range is presented. You get a taste of just how much respect they’re being given in this adaptation.

But Pennywise, oh my, Pennywise. The CGI doesn’t look like it’s going to get in the way of the action and those slightly out of alignment eyes in the sewer scene are so awesome.

To cap it off, the rhythmic chant of “you’ll float too” as the trailer winds up to its climax is chilling. This is looking more and more like an instant classic that modernizes how we think of “It” without destroying any of the love we have for the original adaptation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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