40 Young Trump Voters Share The Surprisingly Personal Reasons That They Want To See Him In The White House

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via lookcatalog

1. He’s Not A Bought And Sold Robot

I do like the things Trump says about campaign finance, straight calling people like Bush out for being run by his donors.

And I think Hillary is a robot.

2. America Needs A Shakeup

Support is a strong word, but I’d vote for him for the same reason I would vote for Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul.

America needs an old crackpot to shake things up. We’ve been trading one centrist corporate stooge for another as long as I’ve been able to vote. Anybody that falls outside of that mold is interesting enough to get my support.

3. He Has Balls

I don’t believe that the GOP would dare screw over Trump at this point for multiple reasons.

One: Like it was said above. Trump is the only candidate that has enough support saying he can beat Hillary head to head. I think most would agree that if the GOP screws him over on the ballet, the Democrats get an easy win. With Trump they can stand a fighting chance.

Two: Trump actually has the balls and support to run as a third party candidate, and although his campaign has been very controversial when it comes to political correctness. He has run a very successful and well thought out campaign to keep him in the place he is in. Showing he also has the staff capable to run a fairly successful independent campaign. Though it is still incredibly unlikely he will win as an independent . It hurts the GOP even more all the more to not have him as their front runner.

Three: The fact that Carson has also said that he would leave the GOP just smears more mud on the parties name.

Loosing the election when you had a chance the win because you screwed over your strongest candidate just because they are scared people are actually supporting some of the controversial things he is saying, then also loosing a second party member who is directly calling you out for your unfairness is a fight I don’t the the GOP wants to start. Which IMHO is the right decision anyway.

Four: His fiscal/tax policy caters to many people on the political spectrum by being quite moderate in the grand scheme of things. Trump caters to the more conservative opinion which involves continued tax cuts to stimulate economic growth, while still suggesting a 0% tax rate for people earning less than $25,000 a year. The lack of federal taxation for the lower class is generally a more liberal idea. Which is accompanied by his plan to soak the rich with a one-time 14.25% tax on individuals with a personal wealth valued over 10$ million dollars. Collecting an estimated 5.7$ Trillion in revenue over ten years. Greatly cushioning the ever increasing national debt and giving the economy some breathing room for the growth spurt it would undergo following his proposal to American companies overseas that have outsourced. Making it financially beneficial to bring there outsourced labor back to the domestic playing field. Creating jobs and strengthening the American economy.

His fiscal policy while being quite moderate is also supposedly financially neutral. Relying on the business returning from over seas to support the government. As well as a surge of foreign investment in the American market place as he makes the United States one of the world’s top competitive nations in terms Corporate tax rate by lowering it down to 15%.

I personally believe that Donald Trump’s charisma, controversial words, and domination/utilization of the media won him the nomination even without GOP support. Showing great campaign and media skills which many people view is an area he lacks in.

Furthermore his compromise between liberal and conservative ideologies for fiscal matters could win him enough of Bernie supporters away from Hillary Clinton to give him a good shot in the general election. Given that Sanders has such a small chance for gaining the nomination.

People are sick of the political system we have now getting us no where. Trump’s supporters trust him, as well as his critiques. I feel it’s been a while since the American people had trust in the man in offices word.

4. Because We’re Being Screwed By Cheap Overseas Labor

Trump is the only one who talks about imposing import tariffs. It’s my reason for supporting him.

This is how cheap outsourcing has become:

Fish and seafood that is caught in North American waters are now shipped halfway around the world to be filleted or de-shelled before they are shipped back for us to eat. Same with poultry, chickens raised in the US are now being sent to China for processing first. Let that sink in for a moment–It’s cheaper for American companies to load up our food on to ships, send it on a two-way trip half a world away to prep for consumption…than it is to do it locally on the spot. All the Corporate incentives in the world won’t help to create jobs when other countries can get away with paying their workers fractions of a dollar. Any startup with a tangible product will inevitably move all production overseas when they get big enough. We need to apply import tariffs to make it not worth outsourcing jobs to other countries.

I know people will argue that getting into a trade war with China and other countries is bad, that they will return the favor and levy a tariff on American exports. But we don’t exactly export anything of abundance (besides meat to Mexico and our crops to other places). People will argue that protectionism is bad. The leading economies are generally protectionist. We need to bring the middle-class manufacturing jobs back and the supply chains back to the States. It would be tough at first but much better for the American Economy in the long run.

5. He’d Create A More Open Society

I support him. I will vote for him. Here are a few reasons why:

One: I think current levels of immigration, both legal and illegal, are unsustainable. Labor force participation rates are at record lows for native citizens. The tech industry is seeing serious wage stagnation and even deflation as foreigners with H1-B visas come in. They say we lack enough STEM degrees, but this isn’t true. Big tech wants cheap labor. I also think cultural clashes only grow as we don’t provide immigrants time to assimilate. In the past, we’d let in a bunch of immigrants, then follow it up with a moratorium to allow for assimilation. Trump supports this.

Two: Trump’s rhetoric, while crass, is a refreshing break from the walking-on-eggshells type of PC rhetoric we normally get across the aisle. I think a Trump presidency would bring about a cultural change in which people are less afraid to speak their minds, leading to a more open (if insensitive) society. I recognize that the way he speaks can make people feel uncomfortable and excluded, and I think that’s unfortunate. I wish he were able to be “non-PC” while still being kinder to those who disagree with him, but overall I appreciate his openness enough that I excuse the crassness.

Three: Most GOP candidates are very pro-free trade. I’m skeptical of a lot of the trade deals we’ve made, and think the costs to our manufacturing sector outweigh the consumer benefits that come from trade, especially considering the negative externalities of what happens to cities like Detroit. Trump is practically the only Republican candidate who is more protectionist.

So, there you go. I like Trump because of his positions on trade and immigration, and appreciate his cultural impact.

6. He’s A Symbol Of How Fed Up The Country Is

I think the support he has is a symbol of how fed up Americans are with how unbalanced and dishonest the system has gotten. We want politicians who will actually represent the people, not corporate entities. Even if his honesty is ignorant it’s still a change in the direction of having leaders that aren’t completely cynical.

7. He Revels In His Douchebaggery

The difference between Trump and most of the other Republicans is that he’s an elitist douchebag and he revels in it and tells you that.

He’s not sitting there telling you he’s just another Joe, just like you. He’s a fucking billionaire, he has his own god damn private jet, and he says you should vote for him cause he’s better than you and you both know it.

He’s taking refuge in audacity. He’s breaking the expected “role” that politicians play so blatantly and so extremely that some people are honestly just impressed.

The TVTropes page on refuge in audacity makes the example

“…suppose you’re in a food court and start picking food off people’s plates; they’ll take their food back and tell you to leave them alone. However, if you dash through the food court with a wheelbarrow, tossing everyone’s food into it, yelling, “Quickly! All your food in here! No time to explain!”, they might be so flabbergasted by what’s happening that they can’t bring themselves to stop you.”

And that’s exactly how Trump is operating. Do something some out there and blatantly different to expected behavior that most people just can’t comprehend what the fuck is going on and some people love it so much that they help.

8. To Defend Against The Intolerance Of Other Cultures

I want to preface this by saying I’m not decided on who I will vote for. I’ve supported candidates from both parties in the past, and I don’t agree with Trump 100%, but when it comes to thousands of Muslims coming over here, I have to say that as a gay man that worries me.

Let’s not mince words. Muslims are not at all in favor of gay rights (Page 14 for the lazy). Sure some are I guess, but they’re a small minority and they tend to be people who grew up in 1st world nations.

Now you may be thinking “why not just vote for Hilary or Bernie? They’re way more pro-gay than Trump.” True, but theres a little problem. Hilary only cared about gay rights when it became politically inconvenient for her not to and I have a whole host of problems with Bernie. Namely:

  • Tax policies
  • Gun Rights
  • Abortion
  • Immigration
  • Foreign Policy (Climate change caused ISIS apparently. Not our foreign intervention, but climate change.)
  • Affirmative Action
  • The fact that he won’t be able to pass a single bill because neither party really supports him. Do we need more Gridlock?
  • He’ll most likely die in office

Then there’s also the fact that even as a gay dude I don’t give a fuck about gay marriage. Sure I think it should be legal for those who want to get married, but in my personal (selfish) view it doesn’t affect me one way or another. I will never get married in my life, so you can make it as illegal as you want, won’t affect my life at all. But you know what will affect me? Countless people coming into the country thinking that my sexuality is immoral, should be outlawed, or even punishable by death.

I find it so funny how liberals will on one hand sing the praises of the LGBT community but then turn around and welcome the most homophobic and bigoted people on the planet. Seriously. Go look at that chart again. 71% of millennial aged Muslims think that homosexuality should be outlawed. If Liberals heard that 71% of American white men thought that I guarantee that they’d parrot it from the highest mountain. We would never hear the end of it. Yet when Muslims think the same thing we get the NOT ALL MUSLIMS speech. Ok, fine. I will concede that not allMuslims; just a sizable majority of them. And apparently I’m supposed to feel comforted by that, as if to say “Sure some Muslims may want to kill you for the way you were born, but since it’s not 100% shut up or we’ll compare you to Hitler.”

I ask you, please consider for a moment how you would feel if you were in my shoes. How would you feel if your president was allowing God knows how many people into your country who want you dead? I figure you’d probably be pretty scared, and any rebuttal of “shut up or you’re Hitler” wouldn’t soothe your fears.

I concede that Trump is a stupid blowhard who says whatever crosses his mind, but how many of you have spent years complaining that politicians are too scripted, that they don’t say what they believe, or they’re too beholden to moneyed interests? Well Trump is the answer to what a politician would look like without all of those things; crude and unrefined, but honest. He says what he really thinks, even if it isn’t good politics. He isn’t right about a lot of things but he does appeal to me simply because he isn’t a politician.

Like I said, I’m not all in on Trump, but he is the only one who is speaking sense on this one particular issue. My vote isn’t yet guaranteed to any candidate, but I am closer to voting for him than the average.

9. We Don’t Need Another Politician In The White House

Realistically, every time I’ve hear him speak he always talks about our veterans and their care. He pushes hard for change in that area and that is impressive to me being from the armed forces. He is the only one That brings it up every time. He even stops his Q&A’s to go meet a vet when they ask a question. And it might be for publicity but I’ve seen a story where he had his personal jet come pick a vet and take him and his family to a place where he could the care he needed when because he couldn’t get where he was and had no way to get to where he needed to be. (Sorry for the vagueness but I don’t remember the exact details).

Secondly, I don’t think we need a politician in the White House. Since he is personally financing his campaign he doesn’t have to political and answer to anyone else’s ideology. I do think we need a businessman in the White House to look at our country and treat it and run it like a business to hopefully attack some of the deficit. He has been a businessman for a very long time, faced good times and bad, even having to file bankruptcy, meaning (to me at least) that he has an idea of what works and what doesn’t and can use that experience to get the United States headed in the right direction again. He employs 1,000’s of people and has direct knowledge of the effects on people losing their job. I would like to think that would give him the passion to put and keep people working.

Lastly, he knows he doesn’t know everything and while he has called out some of the other candidates, he has also given them credit when it was due and has even mentioned being for one of the other candidates (Ted Cruz I think) running as his VP should he win the he nomination. And having the balls to tell someone who doesn’t have our country’s best interest in mind to pound sand would be a nice breath of fresh air.

10. Canadians For Trump

I’m Canadian so I don’t get to vote, but I’m a big fan of Trump for one main reason: the media. I’m sick and tired of conservative politicians letting the mainstream media tear them down. Trump doesn’t take any of their shit and challenges them head on. He doesn’t apologize when the media misrepresents something he says. He doesn’t let them ask loaded questions in debates. The fact that his confrontational approach to the media is rubbing off on the rest of the Republican candidates and they’re starting to challenge the media is even better and even if he were to drop out of the race tomorrow he will have done more for the political climate in the west than any politician has in decades.

11. An Immigrant: Because He’ll Stop Illegal Immigration

As a legal immigrant I despise illegal immigrants. At worst they should be put at the back of the “queue”. Hillary’s offer to legalize them all is pandering.

12. He’s The Lesser Of Two Evils

Here’s my logic. Let’s say you have two dogs:

  • One dog you KNOW will bite you because it’s bitten you before, every time.
  • The other dog is new and crazy and different and will PROBABLY bite you, but you don’t know for sure. It barks a lot but from past experience, you’re pretty sure that bark is all show. It’s just posturing.
  • You have to choose one of the dogs to pet. If you don’t choose, one will be chosen for you.

So in this very transparent metaphor, one dog is Hillary, and the other is Trump. Hillary is totally a biter, she supports all sorts of things I’m against like illegal immigration amnesty, gun control. Trump, on the other hand, has said some pretty outlandish things that could never come true (banning muslims, etc). That’s the barking in the metaphor.

So if it comes down to Trump v Hillary, I’ll vote for trump. I’d rather not have to though. But out of the other republican candidates, they all seem to be religious crazies and I really can’t stand that.

13. Trump Is Open-Minded And Not A Racist

So I’ve spent the last 30 years living outside D.C. And at least since the Bush Sr. administration I’ve paid pretty close attention to politics, and have become pretty disillusioned with both parties. Basically as I see it every candidate we get from either side has the same flaws, flaws that Trump, despite being a very flawed individual in his own right, doesn’t share.

First, every politician is a corporate whore. Campaign finance law basically exists to be super muddled, keep out 3rd parties, and disguise where any politicians money is coming from. We legitimately don’t know who our leaders owe favors to, it’s usually a lot of people, and it’s definitely influencing policy. With Trump we know exactly where his money came from, it’s going to be a lot harder for random lobbyist/backer to manipulate Trump. We’ve even seen this reflected in some policy ideas he’s talked about like the changes to the tax code to close loopholes that he knows as well as anyone because he’s used them himself for decades.

Second, if you think about the traits good leaders have had, from a historical figure you admire to a great coach or the boss you really liked, typically those people are straightforward and honest with people, speak their mind and stand up for what they believe in, are open minded but firm in their convictions, and tend to shine when making difficult decisions. I think the traits necessary to be a politician are the opposite of all that. To be a successful politician you have to hide your true thoughts and motives when they’re at all controversial and instead give people what they want, you have to avoid tough decisions like the plague and stand for what no one is opposed to. Just look at political debates, no one answers any questions, they all talk and talk and say nothing. Trump seems to legitimately say what he thinks. He seems honest, even when what he thinks is pretty weird. He legitimately doesn’t care if people aren’t going to like what he has to say. He answers those questions in those debates, it’s pretty refreshing.

I’d actually go so far as to argue that Trump is open minded. He used to be a Democrat, now he’s a Republican, he’s still very liberal on a large number of issues. He was on a Comedy Central roast and was a good sport about it. He’s clearly capable of laughing at himself, which implies he’s aware he may be wrong at times.

I don’t think he’s racist at all, though he’s definitely more worried about terrorism than I feel is warranted. He’s definitely an asshole, but I’m not interested in having him as a friend. George W. seemed like a genuinely nice guy and we invaded two countries, Obama seems like a genuinely nice guy and NSA spying and drone strikes are at an all time high. Maybe being a nice guy isn’t that important to running a country.

Trump has been the victim of gotcha journalism and misquotation or out of context quotation pretty heavily recently, and I think people don’t know what he really stands for. He believes some weird shit, but it’s not all as crazy as it’s made out. For instance his statements that made the front page recently on the internet were wildly misrepresented. He was asked specifically about ISIS’ ability to recruit online and was talking about trying to take steps to limit that. To me it was obvious from what he said that he doesn’t know much about the Internet, but to me what he said about “get with Bill Gates” that was so heavily mocked here was pretty clear in context, that he was saying he wants to meet with experts in the field and see what our options are. As much as it’s been ripped I thought he was making a point mentioning Gates. Trump knows Bill Gates politically, and how liberal he is, and I think was implying it’s a non-partisan issue and showing the angle they’d take, which was what the next line mocking people crying about freedom of speech was about. Trump knows Bill Gates is the last guy on earth who would want to filter the Internet and restrict freedom, that’s the point in dropping his name. I’m far more concerned with the similar statements, from a more informed position, that Hillary and Obama have already made concerning freedoms and spying on the Internet.

All that is not to say that Trump isn’t a wildly flawed individual, and I can’t say I think Trump would necessarily be a great president. I don’t think he can win anyway, but I love what he’s brought to the election process. He actually says what he believes in the debates, answers questions honestly, takes stands, and calls people out. He’s also clean in a weird way when no politician is, because he was one of the ones buying the politicians in the past. I think there’s a chance that if it goes far enough Trump’s success can change our political climate and make candidates actually answer questions about real issues in the future. It probably won’t but then I never thought he’d do this well to begin with.

14. I Respect That, Like Sanders, He Tells It As He Sees It

I’m pretty much dead center politically, and the two candidates I must admit I admire is Trump and Sanders. They both seem to speak honesty and directly focus on the issues, not their kids or their being a woman. Do I think trump will be a good president? No. Will Sanders be president? Maybe not. It’s unfortunate, but I do respect a candidate who tells it like it is, and doesn’t sugar coat everything.

15. He’s Better Than Most Other Options

I honestly like Trump. I don’t know that I will be voting for him as he is one of many candidates. That being said, I think the negative spin on everything he says is downright ridiculous. He says he wants to build a wall on our southern border to stop ILLEGAL immigration. The news media hears ” I hate all brown people” He says he wants to put TEMPORARY stop to all muslims and middle eastern people coming to this country until WE CAN FIGURE OUT the situation. The news media hears “I hate all Islam.” And on, and on. I like Trump because he offers something different, something new. He is a self funding, self motivated candidate whom i genuinely believe is interested in helping this country heal ( obviously as well as help himself) Is he the answer? I don’t know, there are a lot of very good choices. Is he better than MOST of the other options? Absolutely.

16. He Cares About Free Speech And The American Lower Classes

Frankly, he is possibly the most capable candidate I have seen.

Firstly, he is a strong figure. I’m only 26, but in my entire time voting, and learning about politicians, they have always come off as weak and pathetic. Their game is to make you like them. People rarely came to the table saying what they wanted to do, but they just said sound bites like “We need to save the middle class! Tax breaks for the middle class! Better schools!” When pressured on anything slightly controversial they could crumble and apologize. Trump stands by what he says against great opposition, and Tends to be correct, forcing the media to apologize. This just makes every allegation afterwards seem less credible.

He is very savvy with economics, listen to him speak.

He has a good understanding of the economy, the problems that exist within it, and how to utilize the upper class to re-invest in America or face higher taxes. The tax structure he offers up in 91′ seems relevant even today to help alleviate some of the complaints we have about 1%’ers and wall street.

He is loud, and crass, and isn’t intimidated by people telling him to speak a certain way. As a kid raised on the internet, I always took free speech for granted. I could say anything, and everything I wanted on the internet with no fear of repercussions. When I came to the internet I saw a completely open arena where you could talk about anything, have any opinion, and voice yours without fear. Worst case scenario? You make a new screen name. As I got older, and the internet got more mainstream, I got more excited that people would join the free thinking, free talking movement, but sadly it slid in the opposite direction. Social media is tied to everything, and if you say the wrong thing it can be met with firm opposition and potentially losing your job. Trump signifies that culture for me at least. We have the first amendment, but it doesn’t mean shit if we don’t have a culture of free speech, and we don’t.

He has the most potential to actually beat Hillary. If he runs as independent it will probably suicide the Republican Party, they will be split, and Hillary gets the White House.

I can’t possibly understand people’s aversion to deporting illegal immigrants besides their feelings. Illegal immigrants hurt the lower class the worst, and they are in a bad enough spot as it is. If you are going to break the law, you should be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. If I shot up heroin, I wouldn’t expect any sympathy for my choice to break an established law. These workers come in and take the “undesirable jobs” for low wages. Guess what? When you have an undesirable job, it must be met with compensation equal to what people are willing to do it for. If they want to offer 5$ an hour to pick potatoes, and nobody offers to do it, their option is to offer more pay for that work, or not harvest the potatoes. Illegal immigration removes low education individual’s ability to negotiate their wages. Food prices will increase, but everybody thinks its ridiculous that such hard jobs pay so low anyway.

17. He’s Not Establishment And Doesn’t Believe 85% Of His Own BS

The only reason I support him as a candidate is that he is not an actual member the establishment.

If it goes Trump vs Hillary, I’ll probably sway Trump. He smirks constantly, I don’t think he actually believes 85% of the stuff that comes out of his own mouth – but he thinks that people’s reactions, both positive and negative, are funny. It’s like he’s a comedian, but we’re providing him punchlines. As a result, I’m more curious to see how he would handle special interests and all other elected officials, as someone who’s not part of the establishment, than I am to see someone like Hillary, who is part of the establishment.

…If it’s Trump vs. Sanders? Forget it. I don’t think Sanders is part of the establishment and I’m not going to miss my opportunity to vote for Sanders.

18. If It’s Trump Or Hillary Then I’m Voting Trump

He isn’t my first choice but if it came down to him versus Hillary I’d vote for Trump. Why:

  • He has no filter and he says some cringe worthy things at times, but I respect that he says them as I think he actually honestly believes it. He owns what he says as well. I’m tired of PC BS, it gets in the way of being honest sometimes.
  • I believe Trump is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. He’s not particularly religious (if at all), he’s not anti-gay marriage, or any of the other losing issues too many Republicans get tied up with. I care about the deficit, the economy, and spending. He’s much more qualified than Hillary on all of those topics.
  • He’s a little over the top on immigration issues but ultimately he’s right. We do need to be much more selective about who we allow to enter this country. The Democrats want to flood this country with people they think will vote for them and eliminate all sane voting laws so they can vote illegally, like having to show an ID (The rest of the world does this! It’s not a human rights issue). Big business wants to flood this country with endless cheap slave labor and H1B visa holders. That will destroy the poor already living here, particularly the black community, and drive the standard of living down for the middle class.
  • From interviews and other things I’ve heard about him from before he was running I don’t think he’s ideological at all. He realizes when something’s not working and changes his mind on topics and is flexible.
  • I respect his success. He started with every advantage but didn’t squander it like so many kids from rich parents do. He seems to have passed that on to his kids.
  • The Republican party/leadership needs to be pushed out and replaced by new ideas and a return to the founding principals of the party. Trump getting elected is the biggest FU to them possible and while there would be some turmoil ultimately I think it’s a good thing.
  • He’s genuinely anti TPP, not fake anti TPP like Hillary.
  • He’s one of the few Republicans not still kissing big business butt. I think he’d actually take them on.
  • He doesn’t pretend there isn’t a huge issue with issue with student tuition costs in this country. He actually supports some loan forgiveness and trying to fix that issue.
  • Anyone but that fake cunt Hillary

What I don’t like about him:

  • He has no clue about the internet or technology. Ultimately I think he’d listen to those around him that do (and not lobbyists) but it still concerns me what he could do. I don’t think anyone running has much of a clue either, except maybe Rand and Bernie but those two are not getting elected.

  • He’s dead wrong about Snowden or the NSA spying.

  • He’s not a strong defender of constitutional rights. Rand and Bernie are, others sometimes, and some not at all.

  • The over the top gold plated style. I think a lot of that’s show but I’d like to see him a little more toned down and presidential.

19. Spite

Because I feel so betrayed by career politicians and the two parties that I want them to lose to him out of spite.

20. There Is An “Us” And A “Them” And Trump Knows That

First off, I’m not terribly confident that Trump will make any drastic improvements. I agree with many of his policies, but this isn’t really why I’m interested in him. I like Trump for what he represents as a phenomenon.

See, America has become regarded as somewhat of a commons. People from every part of the world feel entitled to their fair share of Amurrica, because of, uh, “muh oppression.” And whites in America, due to white guilt, oftentimes agree with this sentiment. Trump reminds us that there IS an us, and a them; we have no obligation to take in the impoverished, violent masses of the world.

Just look at Sweden. Since deciding to become multicultural in the 1970s, there has been a staggering increase in rape (1400%) and violent crime (300%). Where is the feminist outrage over this? Virtually non-existent. It’s very similar to the Rotherham rape scandal, in which thousands of British tweens were systematically raped and tortured by Middle Eastern men over the course of twenty years. It went on, and on, and on, because parents and officials were afraid to be considered “racists.”

Trump represents nativism, nationalism and a departure from the sick, regressive liberalism that has come to plague our society.

21. Because Globalization Was A Mistake

European who supports Trump here:

When Bill Clinton came into office, I knew he would wage illegal wars, sanction peaceful countries, deregulate the financial markets and drag Europe into all of this.

When Bush Jr. came into office, I knew he would wage illegal wars, sanction peaceful countries, deregulate the financial markets and drag Europe even deeper into this.

When Obama came into office I knew he would wage illegal wars, sanction peaceful countries, deregulate the financial markets and drag Europe even deeper into it.

Trump is the first candidate that does not care about dragging Europe into all of this. The others always talk about the international community and what it should do, Trump shits on all of that, makes fixing the US his main issue and seems to be the candidate to leave Europe alone. It is the first time that I have hope something could potentially change. Unlike Obama who changed everything for the worse, Trump is a nationalist that puts his nation first, that does not want to fix other countries by starting a revolution, bombing their people or put crippling sanctions on them. I am also sure he will get along a lit better with other strong leaders like Putin and not play the dumbass games Obama is playing. Lastly I believe that he can stop jihadism. Why? Because he would not support some jihadist country like Turkey, would not import thousands of jihadis into America and would not force Europe to take millions of them. If anything he would help to send them back.

Nationalism needs to make a comeback. Globalisation was a mistake that lead to most of our problems with outsourcing jobs and manufacturing, deregulation, the international banking system, etc.

Do it right for once, America! Vote Trump. Not only for your sake, but also for ours.

The thought that Hillary makes it sends chills down my spine. More wars, more sanctions, more deregulation of the financial markets and Europe being dragged in there even deeper.

22. Hmmm

I’m an anarchist and I just want to see the world burn. Seriously.

23. He’s About Getting Things Done, Not Feelings

Look, i know he’s nuts but i can’t have fucking Hillary/Bill again. She fucked Benghazi, she’s a liar and I’m done with regimes. If Putin, who’s also a nut bag, is good for Russia, then to me, trump is the equivalent. Maybe we need a scary blowhard to threaten and bomb terrorists. He’ll just hire economists to run the country, he’s a shrewd businessman.

Plus, I really dig the openness, not giving a fuck about fee fees is refreshing. He perfectly captures my middle class angst. I’m 45, female, with a family and am taxed to death. I don’t care about refugees. I care about affording Christmas, paying my bills, sending my kid to school and piano lessons. If these refugees are oppressed, let them fight back like our colonists did. I’m sick of coming to the worlds defense only to be called evil.

24. It’s Time For A Populist

Trump is my backup candidate after Bernie.

I agree with his issues with immigration- it’s a problem that legal immigration is harder and carries only marginally lower risk to the individual. I don’t care if it’s Muslims, Christians etc- I say fuck all religions but Islam has shown itself globally to be an indicator of cultural issues and failure to integrate.

I do not trust the media anymore and am sick of the PC bullshit. You do not have a right to a safe space.

I am livid over what will happen to Bernie. Hillary and the DNC are playing politics and Bernie will lose the primary because of Hillarys super delegates. If Bernie wins delegates and a single one switches or he loses because of super delegates, I’m voting for Trump in the general.

It’s time for a populist. We have checks and balances, it’s time people voted in their own best interests.

25. Our Political Class Has Failed Us

Our current political class has failed us and our country is in deep trouble. Trump is an accomplished man who has shown he can challenge the establishment and win. Trump is a wild card, and if we are going to get out of this mess, we need a wild card to do it.

26. All The Right People Hate Him

The DNC hates him and the GOP hates him, so he can’t be all bad.

I’m voting Rand in the primary, because I think he’s the only one running who’s read the Constitution and could quote it as well as the other Republican candidates can quote the Bible. But if it’s Trump v. Hillary|Bernie, TRUMP 2016!!

27. He Gives Zero Fucks

Truly, I have never seen such a magnificent troll in all my years. I don’t think he is honest, I don’t think he is even necessarily a good hearted person. But what I do know, he pisses people off and I love him for it.

People call him racist, bigot, w/e and he gives zero fucks. I find it hilarious.

People that think anchor baby is a racist term are so far fucking removed from reality its hilarious. It’s an efficient way to describe what a lot of illegal immigrants do to circumvent our laws and stay in this country. Statistically speaking, there are more illegal Mexican immigrants than any other nationality. But better paint him as a hispanic hating racist because corrupt media is involved with politics.

That being said, what can he really do to this country that will make it worse? It’s currently a sinking ship. If it sinks sooner rather than later. Perhaps the change would be good.

28. He’s Brilliant And The Media Twists Everything He Says

I think he’s a brilliant businessman and economist. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and to be honest, I think he’s one of the biggest victims in the campaign. Every single thing he says gets twisted, made fun of, and dick rode by liberal media and tumblr kids. Not to mention, I’ve never seen so much IRRELEVANT things brought up about someone from the past while running for president.

Also, I don’t support loan forgiveness, free college or loan reimbursement. I paid off near 70k in loans by working 2 jobs throughout school, doing a ton of scholarships & grants and my externship. I saved aggressively, lived a pretty meager life style, but it was in no way “impossible”. So why the hell would I think it’s fair if all my friends get 30% of their loans paid. That’s stupid, you guys better send me a check for $21,000 if Sanders is elected.

All that being said, I’m trying to catch that 10% tax plan.

29. Because He’s Anti-Establishment

I will vote for Trump because he’s is the most antiestablishment person running. Both parties are blood sucking pieces of fuck and The Trump is going to throw a wrench in everything. In all honesty he can’t do too much, congress and the supreme court is still a thing.

30. We Don’t Need Another Clinton Or A Bush Clone

Truth. The Establishment wants to shove another Clinton or Bush down our throats. For his flaws, and I give Bernie credit for this as well, Trump is a Real Talker.

People also react to strong leaders. I voted twice for Barry, but he’s been a failure and a pussy who got worked over on everything from the debt ceiling to health care to the current crisis in the Middle East and North Africa from his support for toppling of Qaddafi and choosing to support “moderate Islamic rebels” in Syria.

Dubya was a goddamn moron as well, and while both he and Trump had a silver spoon, Dubya treated the office like his birthright while entangling us in Iraq.

Trump may be chaotic, unpredictable, and mercurial…but I believe that’s why people gravitate towards him. He’s new and different, and we’re already disgusted by the known commodities.

31. He’d Be A Great One Term President

I’m a Trump supporter because even though he will do damage in the social affairs and international affairs he will treat the country like a business, and cut a lot of fat and positions that are unnecessary to help pay back our enormous deficit. He would be a great single term president, and help grow business in this country. Two steps back to take one step forward! Before anyone throws up the ridiculous “he is bad with finances because he filed bankruptcy multiple times” argument remember that bankruptcy in business is to restructure debt and a smart move for most large businesses.

32. It’s A Risk But It’s Worth Taking

Because the way I see it, if it’s either him or another goddamn corporate president like Hillary, I’d rather him. Let’s face it, the way things are going, it’s going to be Trump Vs. Hillary, and I can’t stand Hillary, and during the debate, when asked how her presidency would be different, she said “Well I think that’s obvious, I’m a woman”, and then when the dude clarified “No, I mean as far as policies”, she said she’d expand on Obama’s policies. She’s essentially saying the only difference will be that she has a vagina and not a lot of melanin. At the very least Trump says what he’s thinking so we know what we’re in for. It’s not like he can do much, anyway. And if it’s either a kind of crappy president no matter what or having the risk of having the worst president, but also the chance of having the best one, I’m taking the risk.

33. People Are Sick Of Manufactured Candidates

In many ways, he is the anti-politician. Let’s look at the Democratic side for an example. Although I disagree with Bernie Sanders, I have respect for him because I genuinely believe that he has passion for his positions. He is motivated for his positions and he is working towards his (Unchanging) positions.

Hillary, on the other hand, has a passion for being President. She is working towards and is motivated towards being President. She will change her deeply-held and firm convictions to align with the mood of the day in order to be president. That’s where her passion lies.

Trump, regardless of what you think of his positions, is, at least, consistent in his views. He speaks from the heart.

34. Awesome

He will be “so good at military your head will spin.” That’s why.

35. He’s The Leroy Jenkins We Need

I am not on any team. I essentially am disillusioned with both parties. I just feel like sending in a Leroy Jenkins to totally rock both parties and all of D.C.

Trump is Leroy, and I’m sending him in cause the chicken is in.

36. He Won’t Bow To Corporations

I will support Trump only if he and Hillary are the nominees, otherwise I fully support Bernie Sanders. It is really alarming how much control the media and other large corporations have in this country over everyday people and this has become clear to me since the beginning of the 2016 campaign season. While I disagree with him severely on social issues, I think it is more important that we elect someone who is not ultimately subservient to a group of large corporations.

37. Obama Lied To Us Just To Get Elected

I’ve become so cynical with politicians over the years, I’m willing to accept a Donald Trump candidacy because at the very least the man tells the truth.

The fact of the matter is, Obama and Hillary may oppose monitoring muslims but they will just go ahead and do it anyway behind your backs. Snowden leaks have shown that despite Obama’s promises to stop punishing whistleblowers and stop monitoring us illegally and to shut down Guantanamo bay on the first day of his office, that was just a pack of lies so he could get the job of president.

Trump may have his problems, but I don’t think he’s just telling us what we want to hear so he can get the job. He doesn’t answer to a bunch of special interests groups, this is a man who genuinely wants to help America. He’s not perfect, but no candidate is. I also like Bernie Sanders but to me he has far more problems than Trump does, and I’d vote for Trump over him in a heart beat.

38. It’s Disillusionment With The Republicans

I don’t think it’s so much supporting Trump personally, but more like “we don’t like the Republican establishment-approved candidates, because we’ve seen the light and realize the GOP establishment is just as crooked and self-serving as the Dems. So we will continue to support this outsider until we get a strong serious candidate we really like.” I am an independent, and don’t support Trump myself, but I imagine this may have a lot to do with Trump’s popularity.

39. Trump’s A Competitor, Bernie Isn’t

I’d love to live in a time where I’d be comfortable voting for Bernie. I think he’s a principled man, with higher principles than Trump.

What is unfortunate is that the threat of Isis, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and the fundamentals of theocratic Islam mean that democracy is under a very real threat. I don’t care how it happened, I don’t care who caused it, I care that true democracy is at a threat of being destroyed by people who are willing to die for that cause.

After seeing Bernie leave that idiot, BLM girl alone to steal his mic; I just don’t think he’s the guy to defend the largest 1st world, democratic country on the planet. I don’t think he’s got the stones. I love what he stands for, but he’s not the dog I want in this fight.

I’ve been a fan of Trump for years in business. The way he talks jacks me up before a sales call or doing business. He says what he wants. That’s a strength I don’t have in droves.

Is Trump a dick? Yep. Would I want to hang out with him? Probably not. Is he a racist? I really don’t think so. Is he a christian? I really don’t think so. (not that I give a shit, nontheist)

Would I trust him to protect the country he loves more effectively than Hillary and Bernie? Yes. Absolutely.

The dude has balls. He doesn’t fuck around. He’s arrogant about winning, but he’s also right.

The threats to democracy are the warm, cushy, emotional cocoon that the left has built that welcomes our demise. They don’t want to look at factual data because it hurts their sense of everyone owning a piece of the truth.

It would be great if Bernie was the guy to vote for right now (although, I can’t say that I can see the money for the things he wants….at all); but it is not that time.

It’s time for a competitor.

40. Both Parties Have Destroyed Us. It’s Time To Roll The Dice.

We are 18 trillion dollar in debt, our manufacturing base WAS 33% of our total jobs (good blue collar American dream kinds) and has gone down to less than 10% in 40 years, we’ve lost 2 wars, drone striked scores of civilians, seen the rise of radical Islam strikes in Europe and the annexation of huge swaths of territory in the middle east. Full time jobs with benefits are unicorns. Americans care more about offensive words or ideas than crumbling infrastructure (roads, hospitals, bridges) and we got ALL OF THIS FROM BOTH PARTIES.

The same political meat grinders that make the wealthy super wealthy bought off candidates and policies. IT’S TIME TO ROLL THE DICE! Shake things up. Trump’s a business man, not a politician. Politician is a fancy word for lawyer and lawyer is a fancy word for professional liar. NO MORE DYNASTIES! NO MORE CLINTON/BUSH POWER BASE! Sure sure, he says “scary things” but at the end of the day most of us are broke, tired from our wage slave jobs and worried about govt intrusion or terror attacks. And still in massive debt (student loans and mortgages/ credit) So eff it. Roll the dice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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