4 Reassuring Reasons Why This Expert Thinks We All Need To Chill The F*ck Out About Trump

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Peter Apps is a global affairs columnist from Reuters, a non-profit founder, and a defense expert. He’s a man who knows his stuff and who’s been around a long time. He says the frustration and fear surrounding the possibility of a President Trump is overblown and that there’s less reason to worry than we might think because our system already has the checks and balances it needs to counter any Trump insanity. Here’s the four key things he points to.

1. The Constitution

It’s like people forget the Constitution exists.

Despite candidate Trump’s rhetoric about shutting down the borders, building walls, restraining the press, and bringing back Christmas, Trump still has to abide by the Constitution. He can’t do anything that would, for instance, violate the First Amendment right to free speech and the press. What’s more, people would be on the lookout for any attempt to do things that violate the Constitution.

2. Congress

You can’t spend any money without Congress, none. They hold the power of the purse. As such, there’s no way for Trump to raise the money for some of his pet projects, such as building a wall along the Mexican border, without getting Congress to go along for the ride and approve the funds. Given the near universal opposition to Trump on the part of the GOP and the absolute disdain the Democratic Party has for him, it’s unlikely there’d be any easy wins a President Trump.

3. The Courts

He’s not running for King, he’s running for president.

The biggest fear of a President Trump seems to be that he would just make Executive Orders for things to happen like rounding up Muslims or Hispanics and putting them in camps or re-instituting torture as a mainstay of how America does business. However, you can’t just break the law in a huge way and expect to get away with it (theoretically). That’s why the Courts exist and a president is just as vulnerable to court decisions as any other U.S. citizen especially if the ruling is harsh enough. Doing something that flies in the face of a court decision is grounds for impeachment and being kicked out of office which many in the Congress would already be eager for.

4. Backlash

Trump’s nomination as the GOP candidate, were it happen, could galvanize Democrats and Independent voters alike to make sure the Democrats retake one or both houses of Congress as a guaranteed buffer against any Trump excesses.

Even if that didn’t happen, it’s already clear that the rank and file in the Republican Party despise Trump and believe he shouldn’t even be in the race. The notion that they might then turn around and support him unconditionally seems unlikely at best.

So chill out! Have a little faith in your American system which was built to oppose dictators. While his over-the-top antics have garnered both lovers and haters alike Trump’s not going to be doing a Hitler down Pennsylvania Avenue any time soon no matter what he says.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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