Creepy Catalog Wants To Know, What’s The Creepiest Thing You’ve Ever Lived Through?

via Flickr - David Russo
via Flickr – David Russo

Nearly all of us have some story whether it’s of a shadow racing away into a wall just as you come out of sleep paralysis (mine) or a tale of teenagerly trespassing into an abandoned steel mill that somehow left the radio softly playing over the loudspeakers when it shut down creating an insane feeling of presence.

We all have something, a family story, a dream that later resulted in deja vu, all of us have a tale to tell. Creepy Catalog would like to hear yours. In fact, we’d like to hear all of yours so we can take them, put them all together into one giant piece and post it up for the whole CC community to take a look at it.

Call it a chance to exorcise demons or to tell your tale for the first time or just to share a family experience that you’ve been dying to tell someone who will listen but send your story of a few paragraphs and we’ll put it together in a ‘best of’ submissions that none of us will soon forget.

Contact MJ Pack or Daniel Hayes via their contact pages (linked) and your story will go straight to their inboxes.

Do it, hopefully we’ll get a bunch and then we’ll do our best to make you proud…and scared. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Ask me anything as long as it’s safe for all ages and just fantastically interesting.

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